Fishing For Pike From Shore – Valuable Hacks Each Angler Should Know

shore fishing for pike

Pikes tops the food chain in their environment. This long-bodied fish, which has an alligator-like head, is a high-ranking predator fish. They hunt like experience hunters, stalking their prey and ambushing them in a laudable manner. Because they sit on top of the food chain, pikes usually feed on whatever they want, and this makes them prone to an angler’s bait.

Pikes can be caught in a few ways. Catching this fish from shore has become a widespread practice. However, I understand that several anglers don’t know how to catch this fish from shore. If you are in that category, here is a little sneak peek on how to go about it.

In order to catch pike from shore you have to pinpoint the location of the fish at that time of the year. Afterwards, ensure you fish in lower-light periods close to sunrise and sunset when pikes search for food. While fishing, you can make use of big baits to cover a large area of water.

There is this huge misconception that big pikes can only be caught from a boat. Regardless of where such misconception emanated from, I can confidently tell you that it’s false. You can capture big pikes while fishing from the shore, provided you adopt the right technique, fish in the right spots, and use the appropriate tackle. So, there is hope for you if you harbor the dream of catching a 50-pound pike from the shore. As we progress in this article, I’ll provide you with tips on how to catch this fish from shore. I will also cover everything regarding the best rod, lure, and reel for this adventure. So, I advise you to get yourself comfortable and enjoy the read.

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Fishing For Pike From Shore

Fishing for pike from the shore is definitely not a walk on the park. If you expect it to be much more comfortable than fishing from a boat, you need to change that mindset. You can’t just wake up one day visit the shore, cast your lure and expect to catch a giant pike. No way! It doesn’t work like that. Even if that happens, I’ll term that as pure luck. And I can bet it won’t happen frequently.

So, what am I trying to point out here? I’m simply trying to say that, you’ll need more than luck to be a pike fisherman who catches lots of pikes from shore. Having the best tackle isn’t even enough. You will need to complement the tackle you have with your skills. The two are closely related. So, let us delve right straight in. How do you catch this fish from shore?

To catch pike from shore, you don’t need to attend a tutorial either do you need one of those boring and long pieces of advice from professional anglers. What you really need is what I’ll be offering you in a jiffy, and I call it the ideal hack to help you save time and increase your success rate when you hit the shore.

First and foremost, to catch pike from shore, you need to know where they’ll be at a certain time of the day. During most days with the typical sun coverage, early morning and late evenings are the best time to grab your tackle and head out to the shore to pike fish.

Pikes are not only skilled predators; they also boast of features that enable them to detect objects even in dim light. This unique feature gives them an edge over prey in situations where adequate light is lacking. So, from dawn till about 2 hours after dawn and from around 5 pm till nightfall are the best time to catch pikes from the shore. Now that you know the right time to target these fishes, the next step is to cast. When casting, ensure you cast in all directions. If you do this without any results, change your lure and repeat the process.

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Which Types Of Rods Work Best When Pike Fishing From Shore?

Pike fishing from shore is not as easy as it seems. However, if you get everything right, you may land a big pike. Pike fishing from shore isn’t the same as catching this fish from a boat. When catching this fish from shore, you will be without a means of transportation. You fish by standing on the bank of the river, ocean, or lake. And as cool as that sounds, lots of anglers struggle to bag pikes when fishing this way. It’s supposed to be easy, right? If so, why are they struggling? One of the many reasons I can point out is that they aren’t using the appropriate rods. With that said, what type of rod is appropriate when pike fishing from shore?

Due to pikes’ strength, size, and aggressiveness, it is advised that you use a durable rod for this fish. When pike fishing from the shore, the ideal rod to use is a medium-heavy rod, you can also consider an Abu Garcia Veritas (baitcasting).

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A good pike rod for shore fishing is usually 8-9ft long and boast of fast-action with medium or heavy power. This provides you with a good advantage when hooking and battling the fish. Pikes are very aggressive. These fish species wouldn’t go down without a fight. So, this means that you’ll need to adopt a stronger rod or you’ll end up being frustrated. A strong rod will help you hook this fish better while a weak rod will surely flop. You should also note that a spinning rod and a baitcasting rod is ok for pike fishing from shore. So, use what you are comfortable with.

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Which Types Of Reels Work Best When Shore Fishing For Pike?

When shore fishing for pike, one mistake you wouldn’t want to make is buying the wrong reel or tackle, in general. Remember that catching this fish from a boat or a vessel is different from catching pike from shore. So, you may have to adopt different tactics or tackle to enhance your chances of being successful. When shore fishing, the reel you use will play a vital role, just like your bait, rod and other significant gear. So, because your reel can determine if you’ll catch lots of pikes or go home frustrated, you will have to ensure that you make use of the best.

The best type of reel to use when shore fishing for pike is the baitcasting reel. Baitcasting reels have more line capacity, they are strong, durable, and are perfect for an aggressive fish like the pike. So, a baitcasting reel like the Shimano Curado K is the ideal reel for the job.

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When shore fishing for pike, it is essential that you use a rod that matches your reel for a balanced setup and optimum performance. Always ensure that you adopt a tackle that you are very comfortable with so you don’t go out there and flop. If you are very comfortable with a spinning reel, you can use it till you are comfortable with a baitcasting reel which is ideal for pike fishing from shore. Most importantly, ensure that your set up is strong enough to withstand this fish’s fight.

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Which Types of Lure Work Best When Bank Fishing For Pike?

Most anglers believe that wading into the water with a boat searching for pike is more effective than standing on the shore and casting your lure. But the truth is that both fishing methods are effective if you know how to do it right. You can catch lots of pikes from the shore the same way you can catch lots of this fish fishing on a boat. It all depends on how you fish, the area, the tactics you adopt, and your gear. The lure you use when bank fishing for pike is significant. If you use a lure that these fish find bland, you might end up wasting your time because they’ll definitely ignore it. With that said, what is the best lure to use when bank fishing for pike?

When shore fishing for pike, the best type of lures to use are the spinners, and the storm wildeye live pike. The storm wildeye live pike is a lure that most pikes find irresistible. For spinners, you can make use of any type. However, ensure you buy them in different color variations.

When bank fishing for pike, owning the best lure is one thing, and knowing how to use the lure is another. Pikes are quite intelligent, they can detect those little faults in your fishing technique that you deem irrelevant. So ensure you make everything look natural. Switch up the lure you use. Try different colors and types to make everything look real. If you keep on displaying one lure to the fish, it may sense fraud and ignore it completely. That is why I recommended that you get a few color variations of the lures mentioned above so you can switch them up when fishing.

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