Best Pike Rods For the Money – Spinning/Baitcaster

Best Pike Rods For the Money

If you are privilege to have a one-on-one interview with some of the best pike fishers in the world, they’ll tell you that catching pike is not as easy as it seems. They’ll also tell you that a huge chunk of their success resulted from the tackle they used. You see, when it comes to pike fishing, the rod you use matters a lot. Pikes are aggressive and vicious, you would want to ensure that you use the appropriate rod.

Below is a list of four top pike rods for your selection:

  • Abu Garcia Veritas
  • St Croix Triumph
  • Ugly Stik Tiger Elite
  • St Croix PS70MF Premier

Pike is a predator species. With that said, you don’t need an instructor or a soothsayer to stress the importance of adopting the best quality rods for this fish. The better your rods, the lesser your chances of being frustrated when you hit the water. A good rod should be able to match the aggressiveness of this fish. You shouldn’t think it’s impossible for a fish to break your rod as you’ll end up being shocked. And I bet you definitely wouldn’t want to experience such misfortune with your biggest catch. So, don’t take any chances. We’ll provide you with a list of some of the best rods for this fish on a platter. Your job is to get them and have a firsthand experience of their sheer effectiveness.

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Best Pike Rods For the Money – Spinning/Baitcaster

Several skilled pike fishers are armed with a vast knowledge of effective pike fishing techniques, hacks, and tricks. However, when these set of promising individuals go out to fish, they end up catching a few pikes, or sometimes, they catch nothing. Sound familiar? If it does, I have the answers you have been scratching your head for, and it lies in the tackle you use.

The tackle you use will determine your success when you hit the water. And when it comes to catching a fish predator species like pike, you need to adopt a rod that can match this fish’s aggression and strength. If you use one of those low-quality pike rods and expect to catch one of those pikes that weigh 20kg, you are simply building a fancy castle in the air.

Generally, fishing rods are of two categories; the baitcasting and the spinning. Baitcasting rods, which is synonymous to casting rods, is a fishing rod designed to cast the line and the bait with a baitcasting reel. On the other hand, spinning rods are designed to hold a spin casting reel, which is set up above the handle.

When considering a rod, you’ll have to go for one that is effective and pocket friendly. These days finding a rod that ticks both boxes is as challenging as finding diamonds that sell for below $10. However, we did some in-depth research and came with a few: the Abu Garcia Veritas, the St Croix Triumph, the Ugly Stik Tiger Elite, and the St croix PS70MF Premier. As we progress, we’ll provide you with detailed and valuable information about each rod, their features and fort; then we’ll conclude each description with a brief advantage and disadvantage.

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Abu Garcia Veritas (Casting)

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Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Fishing Rod

The Abu Garcia Veritas casting rod is a beauty to behold. Its dazzling appearance alone can make you splash the cash on this amazing product from tackle giant – Abu Garcia. This rod’s impressive appearance is just a tip of the iceberg, as this rod possesses several other amazing features that would excite any angler.

This rod went through lots of enhancements after the older version was adjudged to be fragile. The result of the multiple improvements was a rod that would send chills down the spine of any pike, regardless of its size or stubbornness. Now, let’s take a good look at what makes this rod so unique and effective.

To catch a fish as aggressive and strong as a pike fish, you’ll need a durable rod. The Abu Garcia Veritas boast of optimum durability and strength. Thanks to the impressive and stiff backbone of this rod, you have nothing to worry about when lifting your catch from the water. For those who love lure fishing, you’ll definitely love this rod. It is quite easy to cast and operate. It also boasts of EVA foam grips that are quite comfortable.


  • It has a good grip
  • Impressive balance and strength
  • Very durable


  • It is a little heavy

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St Croix Triumph (Spinning)

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St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

The St Croix Triumph Spinning rod is specifically for those who want to triumph. This rod comes in one piece and two-piece models and is highly recommended by anglers who have experienced its magic. This rod is for those in need of an inexpensive rod with optimum performance. Remember I said earlier that such rods are hard to find? Well, here is one of the few that exists.

This exceptional rod is made of quality materials which makes it durable, reliable, and efficient. It consists of all the appealing qualities one should look for in a rod. One amazing thing about this rod is its unmatched quality, and this is due to the quality components used to assemble this piece.

The St Croix Triumph is made from a unique material called mid-modulus fiber. Mid-modulus fiber is adjudged to have higher strain than most popular fiber, thus making this rod lightweight, durable, and at the same time-sensitive. The premium cork handles of this tackle make it possible for users to have a firm hold when struggling with an aggressive fish like pike. All in all, this rod is quite terrific and is a must-buy for pike fishers who are hungry for success.


  • Very sensitive
  • It is strong and durable
  • Comes with a lightweight construction


  • The rod rail seat does lock according to some anglers. However, it seems the problem is a rare one.

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite (Spinning)

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Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

The Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Spinning Rod is a rod that can enhance your chances of not returning home frustrated. This tackle was designed for pike anglers eager to go all out and catch huge pikes, not those little fingerlings. In addition, it is regarded as a lighter version of the Tiger.

This rod allows you to go after several fish species without going through the stress of changing rods. It boasts of higher carbon content so that it is light, and enhanced sensitivity without compromising strength and durability.

This rod is effective for saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is your best bet for catching fishes like pikes, huge catfish, stripers, including those exiting big water game fish. With this rod, you don’t have to bother about corrosion as it is corrosion resistant!

It also comes with modern reel seats equipped with steel customized hoods that provide a secure base for any reel you decide to use. The Ugly Stik Tiger Elite features rubber butt cap handles including EVA grips adorned with diamond shrink tapes to ensure that you never let go easily. If you are an angler who loves versatile rods, this rod is what you need!


  • Versatile and durable
  • Effective for catching big fishes
  • Lightweight
  • Optimum sensitivity


  • Some anglers claim that it is too small

St Croix PS70MF Premier Graphite (Spinning)

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St Croix PS70MF Premier Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

The St Croix PS70MF Premier Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod is a great rod that every pike angler should have. This rod boast of several amazing features that can raise your chances of landing lots of pikes when you hit the water.

It is made of premium graphite, making it durable and quite sensitive. Made in the United States, this rod boast of sheer strength, durability, and what we call hook-setting power. Its cork handles are of premium-grade, and it is also equipped with Batson forecast hard aluminium-oxide guides with double-plated black chrome frames. This reel is lightweight, making it easy to carry about and perform a variety of fishing manoeuvres.

Not all anglers love to spend a lot on rods. However, I bet that all anglers prefer high-performance rods. The truth is that such rods are usually costly, with the exception of the St Croix PS70MF Premier. This rod is inexpensive, yet boast of high-performance.

Finally, with its impressively tuned actions, including tapers for high-performance, I see no reason why you shouldn’t go all out and get this gadget.


  • Very sensitive and lightweight
  • Comes with premium quality SCII-carbon
  • Boast of High-performance
  • Amazing finish and guides


  • It is fragile


Your victory pike fishing can also be guaranteed when you adopt the best tackle. When it comes to fishing for pike, your rod has a significant role to play. This means that, if you get it wrong and adopt the wrong rod, you’ll end up limiting yourself and cursing your luck at the end of the day. If you’d like to avoid this unpleasant scenario, what you need to do is simple; adopt the best rods. We have helped you with the most challenging part; now it’s left for you to do your part.