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Magnet Fishing Laws and Regulations in UK and US – Latest Info

Magnet fishing trophies

We all enjoy magnet fishing but this hobby has received its adequate share of criticism. The news and press always concentrate on magnet fishing when something bad happens. Some of the waterways boards have prohibited it but what does magnet fishing means? Is it illegal or legal? Do there exist magnet fishing laws? We will […]

Fish XXL Spray Activator Overview – Great Product!

fish xxl spray activator

The primary active segment of this activator is a concoction substance that duplicates the impact of normal pheromone. This fine product was created by a gathering of researchers working under the lead of Dr. Andy Moore from “Italian place for the investigation of the environment’s, fishing action’s and aquaculture’s issues” and demonstrated to emphatically expand […]

What Would Be The Best Freshwater Fishing Times Throughout the Year?

Best Freshwater Fishing Times

When to fish can likewise influence and be influenced by where to fish. An excessive number of sweltering days amid the summer can unfavorably influence fishing in shallow lakes, lakes, and waterways since the higher water temperatures can lessen oxygen in the water and cause fish to wind up slow. With about 44 million freshwater […]

Boat Insurance Claim Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Boat Insurance Claim Problems

It’s essential that any boat owner who is looking to get boat insurance or already has one, to be conversant with the kind of circumstances under which boat insurance claim problems arise that may lead to rejection of your claim settlement request. There are numerous and complex marine insurance policies and not having a vast […]

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