Pike Fishing With Lures – Monster Pike Fishing Techniques

Pike Fishing With Lures

Fishing for pike is fun provided you know the appropriate techniques and tackle to use. Lures (which are synonymous to artificial baits) are handy for attracting monster pikes. However they can only work in your favor if you know how to use them.

It would be a terrible mistake to mention top game fishes like Bass, Catfish, and the redfish without referring to the pike. It’s like making a list of the most popular fishing rod brands and leaving the Shimano out. Pikes are one of anglers favorite which makes them a popular game fish. Because of their cold-blooded nature, this fish tends to become less active during winter, thus causing them to eat less.

Fishing for pike with lures is a simple task, provided you know the tactic to adopt. First, you need to arm yourself with an effective lure and afterwards, you’ll want to ensure that you are mobile to give the fish a chance of spotting the lure and going after it.

Pikes are common in several water bodies. You can locate these species of fish in lakes, rivers, and oceans; thus making them an easy catch, right? Well, not really. Of course, this fish may be quite common, but it takes a lot to catch them, and one effective technique that can help you achieve success out there is with the help of lure. You see, artificial bait is one of your best bet when it comes to fishing for pike. But, I am aware that some people are not familiar with this approach so I’ll be offering you valuable insight into how this is done.

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Pike Fishing With Lures – Monster Pike Fishing Techniques

The pike is the largest native UK predator and has been dwelling in our waters for around 50,000 years. This fish, which is widely regarded as Northern Pike, is as aggressive as the bass. The aggressive nature of this fish will encourage it to attack anything, thus making them a little easy to catch. When it comes to fishing for pike, you’ll have to use a lure for the best outcome. However, having a lure wouldn’t guarantee your success if you don’t know how to use it. It is like going hunting with a gun when you don’t know how to shoot or aim accurately. So, how do you fish for pike with a lure?

Before we delve into the facts on how to fish for pike with a lure, it is essential you know what a lure is. Unlike a natural bait, a lure is an artificial item used to attract a fish, and they come in several types, colors, and shapes. Caching pike with a lure is as easy as ABC provided adopt the right tactic and the appropriate lure.

Fishing for pike with artificial baits is very successful because unlike most types of fishing, you aren’t waiting for the fish to find the lure, rather, you’re finding the fish with the lure. To ensure that your artificial bait covers large areas, you’ll have to ensure that you are mobile. Being mobile will raise your chances of catching this fish and would surely raise your catch rate. When fishing for pike, the artificial bait you use matters a lot. Selection will have to be made based on the weather condition and water clarity.

Below are some effective lures to consider:

  • Spinnerbait
  • Softlures
  • Crankbaits
  • Hybrid Lures
  • Swim Lures

It is very crucial to note that the size of the artificial bait you use will determine the size of pike you’ll catch. So if you are gunning for a big catch, you’ll have to go for a big artificial bait and vice versa.

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Pike Fishing With Spoons:

In the aquatic world, the hunting technique is still the same. To capture a fish using the normal reel and rod, you’ll have to give the fish a reason to attack, and the best way to do this is with the aid of bait. In the world of tackle, there are two types of baits, and they are artificial bait and natural bait. When it comes to fishing for pikes, artificial bait is your best bet, and it comes in different types. One effective artificial bait you can count on as far as this fish is concerned is spoons. No, it’s not the usual spoon you know but something much different.

Fishing for pike with spoons is another effective way to raise your chances of catching this fish. To go about this, you’ll have to make use of the right spoon with the right color (chartreuse or orange). While fishing, mix your retrieve by halting it for a second, twitching the rod tip and burning the retrieve to create an irregular movement.

Spoon have been in existence even before the advent of popular artificial baits like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or jerkbaits. And thanks to their shimmering nature, they can be easily noticed by strolling fishes.

Pike Fishing With Spoons

Pikes are usually attracted to the shape and the vibrations the spoons make during retrieve. There are a few types of this spoon, some are cupped, and some are narrow. The more cupped the spoon is, the more likely it is to produce a vibration that is enough to alert the fish. In addition, one can alter these spoons to raise their effectiveness. For instance, including a split ring to the front of any spoon will raise its action. Also, using a snap swivel makes it very easy to change lures and assist in avoiding line-tangles.

When fishing for pike with spoons, use natural fish scents to complement the effectiveness of the spoon.

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Pike Fishing With Spinners:

When fishing for pike, the tackle you use will determine if you’ll end up catching lots of fish at the end of the day, or if you’ll return home cursing your luck. A tackle comprises of several components, namely: Rods, reels, baits, etc. Naturally, anglers believe that reels and rods are the two most important components of a tackle. But, the truth remains that, if you can’t attract the fish with a good bait, your rod and reel will continue to lay fallow.

For instance, a pike fish wouldn’t just swim up to you and give itself up; no way! You’ll need good artificial bait to force the fish to bite, and one of such artificial bait is a spinner. A spinner does the work of attracting this fish quite fine. However, a spinner will be useless in your hands if you don’t know how to use it. So, how do you fish for pike using a spinner?

Spinners attract pike thanks to their vibration and flashy nature. On a good day, a pike will attack just anything that piques its interest. So, when fishing with this artificial lure, ensure you swerve it from side to side while maintaining retrieve speed. Doing this will trigger a strike from the fish due to the vibration it gives off.

There are lots of spinners out there; however, if you are eager to be successful with this bait, you’ll have to use the best. So, what is the best spinnerbait for this species of fish? The simple answer is Mepps (You can check it out on Amazon by clicking on This Link).

Pike Fishing With Spinners

The Mepps spinner artificial bait is very common, thanks to its effectiveness in attracting pikes. This artificial bait is equipped with a French blade. The French blade on this item allows it to make spin easily in the water while giving off a strong vibration capable of alerting a pike nearby. When using this artificial bait, you’ll want to ensure that you match it with the right rod and reel. An ideal recommendation for a rod would be one that boasts of adequate length and flexibility. On the other hand, the perfect reel to use would be one that boasts of enough strength and speed.

Pike Fishing With Soft Plastics:

Fishing for pike can be quite difficult, especially when you attempt to hunt this fish with zero knowledge of the fishing technique to use or tackle to adopt. The best time to capture this fish is when they are active. During this period, you’ll find them in their exuberant nature, waiting for unfortunate prey. So, it is up to you as an angler to make good use of such an opportunity when it presents itself. And the best way to make sure that you don’t end up whining because of a failed attempt to capture this fish is by making use of the right artificial bait.

What bait are we referring to? You may ask. Well, isn’t it obvious that it’s soft plastics? Soft plastics are effective in attracting these fishes. However, for it to be of great assistance when you hit the water, you must know how to use it.

Soft plastics come in several varieties. However, when it comes to pikes, it’s crucial you use the best. Keitech Easy Shinner or TRUSCEND Power Soft are two effective soft plastics that will attract this fish. Simply let the plastic sink to the wanted depth then slowly reel it in. Afterwards, let it sink back down. The change in speed will attract a bite from an attentive pike.

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Unlike other artificial baits, you don’t need to master the arts of retrieving to record success with soft plastics. All you are required to do is present the artificial lure to the fish in the right way, and the rest will be like one of those memorable stories. Like I said, the type of soft plastic you use matters. But I failed to mention that the color of the soft plastic you use matters as well. Remember, these species of fish have great senses so you will want to ensure that the color you put out is quite attractive to the fish.

When selecting soft plastics, focus on two different shades instead of colors. Bright silver or green are good because they give off more light and are very visible in the water, especially during those sunny days. If the water isn’t clear, go for dark bronze, gold, or brown color. Rather than use those warm colors that seem appealing to you, use colors that this fish finds hard to resist.

Pike Fishing With Plugs:

Another effective and cheap alternative to soft plastics, spinners, and the likes are plugs. Plugs are up there with the most popular and effective artificial bait. This artificial bait, like others, come in various types, sizes, colors, and design. Plugs are a popularly used to catch bass; however, they are also effective in attracting other fishes like pikes. They are designed to resemble baitfish, but some take the appearance of mice, crayfish, insects, frogs, and other creatures that fishes prey on. Fishing for pike with plugs, which is also regarded as crankbait, can yield an optimum result if properly utilized. Here is how to catch this species of fish using plugs.

Plugs are bulky, and this makes them give off vibrations that alert pikes. Fishing with this artificial lure requires you to use the appropriate reels and rods. Spinning reels or baitcasting reels will do the trick along with a long rod of 7+ FT. Simply submerge the plug in the water while twitching it so that it resembles the movement of an actual fish. In all you do, be slow and steady.

Pikes are aggressive, just like bass and some other fish. Knowing this as an angler can help you craft an effective fishing technique using the right tackle. Because of their aggressive nature, these species of fish will go after anything that resembles a prey. Sometimes, they even attack when they aren’t hungry. However, this happens when they feel like the intruder is a threat or a competitor in their territory.

Plugs have the resemblance of a fish and are effective because of the vibration they give off. Mind you, not every crankbait will attract this fish, so you have to pay close attention to the color of crankbait you use. The use of multiple rods with diverse types of crankbait is also a commendable technique as far as your hunt for this fish is concerned.

Pike Fishing With Plugs:

Pike Fishing with Jig Lures:

Pikes can be caught using a panoply of artificial baits. However, your success out there on the water depends more on knowing how to use the artificial bait than simply owning it. Owning the best artificial lures without knowing how to use them is just like owning a Lamborghini and not knowing how to drive it. The artificial bait wouldn’t automatically capture the fish for you; you’ll have to be the handler and to do this, you’ll have to know the technique behind fishing with such artificial bait.

Among the array of artificial baits that are available, a jig lure is your go-to lure for capturing this fish. A jig lure is an artificial bait that is equipped with a jig sinker and a hook which is molded into it. The sinker is usually enclosed in a soft body to deceive the fish. So, enough of the pep talk. How do you fish with this artificial lure?

When fishing for pike with jigs, cast your jig and let its hook drop to the bottom. Afterwards reel in the lure up to a few distances then let it sink back to the bottom. With this artificial bait, you can jig in several directions, be it up and down, side to side, or sideways. For optimum result, always ensure that you use the rod and reel that matches this artificial bait.

Without the right rod and reel for this artificial lure, you may end up catching nothing. The rod and reel you use must be able to perform the technique peculiar to this artificial bait. I’ll recommend that you go for a rod that boasts of heavy power coupled with fast action tips. A longer rod will be quite effective in this case, as it would help in your casting and retrieving effort. Also, go for a Shimano Stella SW fishing reel when using this artificial lure for hunting pikes.

Pike Fishing With Trolling Lures:

Trolling lures is another effective way to catch pike. Unlike other techniques, this type of artificial bait requires patient, the right tackle, and commitment. However, if this works out well, the outcome will surely be overwhelming. For those who are oblivious of the word “trolling,” it is the act of fishing by attaching one or more baiting line equipped with baits to a boat. Setting up this lure may be quite easy, but the most challenging part is using them to capture this fish.

Fishing for pike with trolling lures is not like other fishing methods. First, you’ll need to find key spots with the aid of sonar technology. Use a jerkbait if the weeds are minimum and spinnerbait if the weeds are much. Keep your speed at 2.0 to 2.8mp when trolling. No specific technique is needed.

Trolling for pike is fun. You know why? Because you don’t require much technique or casting skills. All you have to do is be at the right spot and troll with the appropriate speed. Because these species of fish are aggressive, they would surely follow your artificial baits with gusto. One important benefit of this technique is that it can cover a large area of water. So, if you play your part well, you could end of capturing lots of fishes.

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