Can You Use Live Bait with a Baitcaster?

Live Bait

The advantages of making use of a baitcaster are numerous once you get used to it. A baitcaster comes with lots of benefits. It offers you more line control, greater accuracy, and makes fishing fun; that’s why you often see the professionals make use of this fishing tool. As an angler, the species of fish you aim to catch always depends on the fishing rod, the fishing lure or live bait, and reel you chose to adopt.

Using a live bait with a baitcaster is possible, but it all boils down to your ability to use it to get the desired results. This method is actually preferable since fishes are easily attracted to live baits and a bait caster is ideal for most types of fishing.

It is paramount that your rod and reel settings are properly aligned with the fishing presentation. You can actually find a good quality baitcasting reel and a rod at a low price.

For instance, if you are bass fishing, it is advisable that you make use of the baitcasters and not a spinning reel. Bass are known to be powerful species of fish thus baitcasters are the reel strong enough to match their strength. Lures and baits also play a significant role in fishing. Without the right lure or bait to attract your fish to the hook of your reel, your potential catch would certainly be roaming about without giving much thought to your hook. You certainly wouldn’t use a heavy bait for a reel other than the baitcaster; on the other hand, you also wouldn’t want to use a light lure with a baitcaster, for some reasons.

Anglers adopt different fishing strategies they feel is right for them. Fishing is a leisure activity and not some kind of sport that comes with rules; so, as an angler, you can go with whatever strategy and fishing reel that suits you. Some anglers can choose to use a light lure with a baitcaster and it’ll work fine for them, probably because they are good at using such a combination; while others might adopt a similar approach and it might not work for them.

Can You Use Live Bait With A Baitcaster?

If you try this method and you discover that it works well for you, you could stick to it, but ensure that you have a large weight or you may end up eventually casting more than the rod can reach. If peradventure, you discover that it doesn’t work for you, take up the challenge and utilize your trout rod. The bottom line of it all is; if you can cast it, use it!

Concerning the right reel-bait combination to use when fishing, you tend to observe that there exist some unanswered questions in this regard. “Can you use live bait with a baitcaster?” Questions like this are often asked by inquisitive anglers, who are keen on trying certain reel-bait combinations. If you are keen on finding the right answers to that question, you are in the right place.


Baitcasters are ideal for several kinds of fishing, and they come in several different types and options, such as baitcasting rods for bass fishing, baitcasting rod for ice fishing, etc. Baitcasting reels are considered the standard when making use of heavier lures fishing bass, muskie, and pikes.

This type of reel is often adopted by professional fishermen and not beginners because it is complicated to use, but at the same time very effective compared to other types of reels. Professional anglers adopt this reel because they feel that the reel rig and the baitcaster rod provides the best control for bait presentation. The sturdy design of the reel helps it to resist struggles made by bigger fishes like redfish, bass, large catfish, and stripers. As a matter of fact, the normal saltwater version of the baitcaster is often preferred to anglers who go after kingfish, sailfish, dolphins, and other string saltwater species.

Also, the standard baitcaster is impressive for anglers who live cast artificial lures and plugs. This type of reel comes with a revolving spool for the storage of lines and a crank handle which is designed to turn the spool of three to five rounds per turn of the handle. The design also comes with a worm gear level wind control element which ensures that the line on the spool is evenly distributed, a star drag setting wheel, a special relay button which is operated by a thumb, and a spool cap for extra spool control.

Beginners often shy away from the use of this gear because of the tendency of backlash, which is sometimes referred to as “bird’s nest”. Backlash is a situation that occurs when the reel’s spool spins faster than the line emanating from the spool. The tangling of the line can be undone in few seconds but on rare scenarios can be so complicated that you have no choice but to cut a few of the lines off the spool.

Baitcasters can be gotten from your local fish stores, they can also be ordered online. There are affordable bait casting rods that suit your budget.

Live Baits:

Live baits are any natural, living organism that can be used to catch fish. Live bait fishing is known as an effective technique for capturing fishes. The size of fish to be captured will determine the size of the live bait you’ll go for. Small live baits like worms, crickets, and grasshoppers, are used to capture small fishes while large live baits like crappies, trouts, frogs, etc. are used to capture large fishes. Fresh baits tend to produce better results, so if you intend to use live baits, ensure that you change it always.

Having obtained little insight on what a baitcaster and a live bait entails, high time you get the answer to the question: “Can you use live bait with baitcaster?”.

Using live bait can be very crucial. There are a few terms you have to take into consideration before doing so; these terms are your fishing reel and the water temperature. Adopting a good tackle when utilizing a live bait is crucial to match bait size, it can raise the number of hits and the percentage of fish captured.

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