What Would be the Best Trout Reel in the Upcoming Year?

What would be the Best Trout Reel in the Upcoming Year

There exist diverse types of freshwater fish to go after, but one of the most common fish species most anglers want to reel in is the trout. If you really want to have a good advantage over this species of fish when you are out there on the water, you definitely need the best trout reel.

Trout reels that I would highly recommend for all:

  • SS500 Cetus
  • Cadence Cs8-1000
  • Pflueger Pressp20x
  • Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 XG FB
  • Angler Dream Bumblebee

In this article, we aim to fill you in on some of the greatest trout spinning reels in the upcoming year. By having a good idea of these spinning reels, you will be able to know which is best for you and your fishing adventure. Before we provide you with a concise description of some of the greatest spinning reels in the upcoming year, we would like to digress a bit to hone your knowledge regarding trout, and reels. We will be starting with some little details on trout.

The Best Trout Reel:

SS500 Cetus

SS500 Cetus

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The TICA Cetus SS500 spinning reel comes with an attractive design. This little reel can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Tica Cetus spinning reels have taken the ice fishing to another level. The ss500 Cetus, which is great for pan and squid fishing, comes with features that would capture your attention. This spinning reel comes with six rust-resistant ball bearings, including a roller bearing.

The SS500 also comes with an instant anti-reverse, an additional spool graphite spool, including a computer design balanced rotor, which provides it with a sleek reeling for any light tackle use.

The Cetus spinning reel collections are not only the smallest, but they are also the lightest spinning reels in the TICA product collection. Here is a reel that has a nicely finished handle, including a user-friendly knob that is created to ensure that your fingers remain comfortable while you fish. Trust me, with the use of this reel; you will definitely want to cast all day long.


  • It is equipped with a 6 rust-resistant ball bearing
  • Comes with Mini bearing located inside the line roller
  • Has a computer designed balanced rotor
  • Instant anti-reverse; graphite spool
  • Right-handed and left-handed individuals can use it. Has a tender touch handle knob coupled with two stainless steel ball bearings


  • Portable
  • Smooth performance
  • Very affordable
  • Very smooth


  • Somewhat hard to use

Cadence CS8

Cadence Cs8-1000

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For a spinning reel that is ranked amongst the best spinning reels out there, the Cadence Cs8-1000 is definitely worth the money. The Cs8-1000 is lightweight, thanks to materials such as magnesium and carbon compositeWhen it comes to spinning reels, Cadence is one fishing reel manufacturer that you can trust. They produce quality fishing reels and rod that allow anglers to have the best fun while fishing. For several reasons, the cadence Cs8-1000 spinning is definitely a reel you want to lay your hands on.

The cadence Cs8-1000 is regarded as one of the best ultra-lightweight spinning reels that are equipped with several thrilling cutting-edge features. These features make it very durable and quite easy to use. Here is a reel that is created to be ultra-lightweight with the use of two of the best durable, lightweight, and anti-corrosion materials in carbon composite and magnesium. The CS8 Series is available in four different types, each with several weight and gear ratios. The Cs8-1000 is super lightweight, with a weight of just 6.03oz coupled with a gear ratio of 5.2:1.

The body of the Cs8-1000 is created from magnesium while rot design, including its side plates, are made using carbon composites. Indeed, the Candense Cs8-1000 is a spinning reel which components, design, and quality exceed angler’s expectations. For a model that weighs just 6.3 ounces, even a kid would have no difficulty handling this spinning reel. If you know you fish a lot, then it is advisable you go for something as lightweight ass this fishing reel. With a maximum drag of 11lbs, the cadence Cs8-1000 can end up being the best trout fishing reel you have been missing.


  • It is equipped with 9 ball bearings including an anti-reverse bearing
  • It has a magnesium frame
  • Carbon composite rotor including side plates
  • It comes with an aluminium handle
  • Carbon drag fiber system
  • Powerful: This reel comes with a good drag system that offers an amazing drag power of around 20LBs to capture that huge and stubborn fishes
  • Very fast gear ratio (6.2:1/ 5.2:1), providing it with a very smooth and quick performance


  • Affordable
  • High-grade performance
  • Smooth
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • User-friendly EVA handle


  • Not suited for saltwater

Pflueger President

Pflueger Pressp20x

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The President spinning reel is equipped with features that would make any angler fall in love with it a thousand times. Here is a spinning reel that is known to be high on quality and not on price. As an angler, you will certainly appreciate the heavy-duty solid bail wire, and spring assisted click (open/ close) of this impressive spinning reel. The pressp20x has a braid-ready spool that makes it quite easy to load with any line of your choice. Also, the curving knob handle of this spinning reel makes it comfortable to rotate.

Enclosed in a graphite frame, this amazing spinning reel comes with a stainless steel/ oil felt drag that provides anglers with a consistent drag pressure and increased resistance to corrosion. Constructed with an aluminium bail including slow oscillation gearing, this reel boast of regular and uniform line lay. Equipped with an aluminium handle including a tender-touch knob for good comfort, the Pflueger president-spinning reel merges excellent value with awesome performance.

The Pflueger pressp20x has the sure click trademark feature, which is common in all Pflueger spinning reels. The sure click feature ensures that a click sound is made whenever the bail is open and prepared to cast. But, it is advised that you manually shut the bail after casting to ensure that your reel lasts long.

The bail is made from heavy-duty aluminium, which tends to last for a long time and makes it more durable than other models. Another awesome feature of this amazing reel is its braid ready spool. The braid ready spool was created from the material aluminium, and this ensures that it remains durable. This feature also allows braid to be fixed directly to the spool with the aid of several vertical rubber grommets. These vertical grommets helps the slippery braid to hold onto the spool eschewing the need for a mono backing.


  • 7 bearing system- it is equipped with an anti-corrosion stainless steel ball bearing
  • Graphite rotor and body- Lightweight graphite reel design. It has a spool that is braid ready and allows braid to be fastened to the spool directly
  • Sealed drag mechanism: Comes with a sealed drag washer which remains lubricated and very smooth. It also has slow oscillation gearing that enhances line lay and reduces line twist
  • The “B” that you see at the end of the model number signifies the type of packaging (B=Claim, X=Box). Mind you, the type of packaging has no effect on the specs of the product


  • Price point
  • 10 bearing system
  • Lightweight design


  • Cheaper appearance and feel
  • Reported drag problems
  • Not suited for saltwater

Shimano Stradic Ci4

Shimano Stradic Ci4

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

Are you in search of a spinning reel that is smooth, lightweight, and very durable? Well, if you are, the Shimano Stradic Ci4 +4000 is the ideal spinning reel for you. In selecting a reel, one of the things you consider are its housing and the body of the reel. What is it made of, Graphite or Aluminium?

Most anglers would go for a spinning reel that is made of aluminium reel body. Their choice isn’t just based on the fact that most freshwater spinning reels are made of this material but simply because it has more strength than those made from graphite material. It also has little flexibility. The benefits of this spinning reel isn’t just restricted to its strength, this amazing spinning reel is also resistant to corrosion.

Because it’s not made of metal unlike most spinning reels, you are guaranteed optimum protection from rust. Because of this fact, you discover that some anglers makes use of this reel on saltwater and it ends up not getting rust. This reel is equipped with a front drag system. The front drag system enhances the durability and performance of this reel. This is unlike the spinning reels that utilize the traditional rear drag system. Also, front drag system are effective in battling large, stubborn fish species such as the bass etc. Another cool advantage of this drag system is that it is water resistant.

Another thrilling feature of this spinning reel, which gives it an edge over its predecessors, is the present of the X-ship. The X-ship provides the Shimano Stradic with enhanced durability and increased power. You might be asking yourself, how does the X-ship function? The X-ship functions by upholding the pinion gear with bearings on the end of each shaft, the pinion gear, including the primary gear fitted at good alignment under load.


  • Gear Ratio 6.2:1
  • Bearing 6+1
  • Maximum drag- 11kg
  • Mono capacity- 4kg/ 220m
  • Braid capacity- 15lb/280yds
  • Weight-230g


  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with an X-chip
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • Expensive


Angler Dream Bumblebee

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

Here is a spinning reel that is created from double colir oxidation aluminium. If you are in search of a strong and durable spinning reel, one that is crammed with extraordinary features, the Angler Dream Bumblebee is one of those spinning reels. The Angler Dream Bumblebee comes with a protective form, which protects its body from any type of damage.

This spinning reel is quite strong and durable and designed to last for a very long time. It has a friendly brain coupled with a ceramics bail roller that protects the fishing lines. The shaft and gear of this reel are made of pure stainless steel, which makes it corrosive-resistant and more durable.

It is equipped with a gear ratio of 5.2:1 and a front drag system as well. It also comes with a weight of 13.4 ounce while its colleague (the 5000 series) comes with a weight of about 18.34 ounces. The bumblebee is resistant to abrasion and it has a very durable drag force. Other cool features of this reel includes an interchangeable CNC handle and tender EVA knob. The dimension of this reel is 6.6 inches by 5.8 inches by 4.1 inches.


  • Has high strength which was made specifically for saltwater sea spinning reels
  • It is equipped with a thread interchangeable CNC handle with soft EVA knob for saltwater fishing
  • Comes with two colour oxidation aluminium alloy spinning fishing reel
  • Maximum drag: More than 20kg fishing reels
  • 10 pcs anti-corrosive double shield stainless steel ball bearings. It comes with a smooth, reliable special japan-enhanced drag, which provides the fishing reel with an enhanced drag force and abrasion resistant


  • Performs well
  • Good for saltwater fishing
  • Has a good body structure
  • Slim and durable


  • Doesn’t have a strong handle

When it boils down to capturing trout, you have to ensure that the tackles you use, ranging from your spinning reel, rods, lures or baits are top touch. Make use of the best of everything when going for this amazing species of fish. Wield the best spinning reel if you wish to record substantial catch or yield, a good fish finder with GPS, which will serve as your eyes under the water, coupled with other necessary fishing equipment.

You will be very successful in capturing trout if you go for a spinning reel that can synchronize itself to work in unison with your fishing rod-which should be of the best trout rod. A spinning reel and rod that works harmoniously will add extra precision to your cast, and it would ultimately help you reel in more fish.

You would agree with me that capturing a fish species you aren’t conversant with would certainly be difficult. It is just like going after an enemy you know nothing about, for instance. So, to ensure that you know what trout are, we would be delving into some information or details related to trout.

Perdon holding trout in the water

All You Need To Know About Fish Species – Trout

Trout is a very popular name that is associated with several species of freshwater fish. These freshwater fishes are very predominant in the Northern Hemisphere but have also been widely distributed to other regions. Trout are naturally distributed in all regions such as North America, northern Asia, including Europe.

Many trout species were introduces in countries such as Australia and New Zealand by newbie fishing fanatics in the 19th century, thereby effectively removing and endangering many upland native fish species.

Trout such as the lake trout reside in freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. There are also other trout like the rainbow trout. The rainbow trout live their entire life In freshwater or spend about two or three years at sea before tracing its steps back to freshwater to spawn.

Ideal Temperature:

Typically, you can mostly find a trout in cool water with a temperature of about 10-16°C (50-60°C), often among drowned objects or in riffles, including deep pools. Trout that reside in a different habitat usually have diverse colourations and patterns. Lake trout can be found in several large lakes in North America, and they have a long lifespan, unlike the rainbow trout, which have an average max lifespan of about seven years. Lake trout can live for a long time (several decades), and these types of trout can grow to over 30 kilograms (66 lb.).

Food preferences:

To be able to capture a fish, you will have to know what it eats, right? Well, in the case of trout, these amazing fish species eat several aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, other fish, crustaceans, leeches, worms, including other foods. The food items that trout and fly fishers find interest in are the aquatic insects that live most of their lives underwater in rivers, streams, including Stillwater.

Spawning season:

Trout spawn between fall and spring, and they hide their eggs (by burying them) in a grave nest dug out by the female trout on a streambed. The little forms that move to sea between spawning come back to streams at this period. The eggs of a trout take about two to three months to hatch, and the newly hatched fry or trout will be regarded as fingerlings as soon as they migrate from the nest and start consuming plankton.

Great taste:

Just like most species of fishes, trout are a very significant food source for humans and wildlife such as brown bears, birds of prey like eagles, and other animals. Trout are greatly valued both for commercial fisheries and for sport as well.

Preferred fishing technique:

While an angler can capture a trout with the aid of a normal rod and reel, fly-fishing remains an effective method created mainly for trout and other species as well. Finding trout isn’t that hard, all you have to do is to have a good understanding of how moving water shapes the stream channel. In major streams, the current makes a riffle-run-pool pattern that repeats itself several times.

Things To Consider Before Buying Spinning Reels:

Before buying a trout spinning reel, there are certain things you have to consider. Normally, a light or medium reel and rod combo are appropriate for little trout species like the rainbow, golden, including the brown trout. A medium reel and rod combo are appropriate for abundant species like the lake, speckled, and steelhead trout.

When trout fishing, several anglers make the huge mistake of adopting any reel and rod that they lay their hands. These anglers ignorantly eschew some significant factors that could have made them make better selections, which would eventually have provided them with an abundant yield.

The features highlighted in this section would enable you to make the appropriate decisions when purchasing a spinning reel that matches your fishing requirements.

Reels Gear Ratio:

The spool consistency normally evaluates the reel gear ratio while it is rotating on the handle. For instance, if you own a spinning reel that is equipped with a gear ratio of 6.4:1, whenever you turn the handle, the result will automatically be a turn of 6.4 times by the spool.  Reel gear ratio is available in low, medium, and high. If you go for a reel with a higher gear ratio, you will have a reel that can recover your line at a quick rate.

Reel Size:

Reel sizes are indicated by figures, for instance, 1000, 2000, and 2500. The figures indicate the size of the reel. Bigger spinning reels have higher numbers and can effectively handle larger, heavier fish. Also, spinning reels that are heavy come with greater drag power, line capacity, including gear ratio.

Averagely, a reel with a designated number of 100 or 2500 is the best for most trout fishing activities. Some manufacturers produce less bulky 3500 spinning reels with larger gear ratios, including capacity in line storage.

Reels Drag System:

Here is a very significant part of your trout fishing experience. The drag system or mechanism is regarded as the resistance applied on the spool to stop your catch from escaping or falling off. It is a good decision to go for a reel with 20-lbs of stopping force at the bottom. A reel with a high drag will help you reel in big and strong fishes (like the largemouth bass) comfortably. It also ensures that the reel or rod remains strong when subjected to strain from a stubborn fish.

Reels Ball Bearings:

Ball bearings are utilized in the reels to provide unhindered movement of its components. CRBB, which are corrosion resistant ball bearings, undergo certain treatment to enable it to resist moisture while stainless steel bearings are naturally unaffected by corrosion.

Reels Weight:

When purchasing a spinning reel, one important thing you should keep an eye out for should be its portability. For the case of trout fishing, ensure you go for a lightweight reel. The lighter your rod and reel, the better the fishing experience. Nevertheless, the weight of the reel you go for should depend on your personal fishing needs and the type of fish you aim to capture.

Reels Construction:

You will observe that most ultra-light trout rods are produced using graphite, though some of these rods are mixed with fiberglass to make them extra sensitive and strong.

Graphite rods rupture easily while older fiberglass rods are durable and sensitive, and they can handle more stress.

Reels Handles:

Depending on which you prefer, you can go for any handle of your choice. It is either you go for the cork handles, or the form handles. Mind you, the handle you eventually decide to use for trout fishing will have a huge effect on rod performance, so choose wisely.

Rod Tip:

Here is another crucial aspect of your rod. The tip of your rod must be able to handle the strength of the strike, and it must have the ability to be stored in areas that may have a hard surface, such as a wall. If the tip of the rod doesn’t bend, then the rod is faulty.

Reels Durability:

You must select one that is durable enough to capture these species of fish. The durability of your rod hinges on two major factors: if you are utilizing the rod in the appropriate situation and the material that constitutes the rod.

For example, when going for a large fish, you will definitely need a larger and heavier rod that is made of a material such as stainless steel. When making use of light material such as graphite, you have a retarded action, which can lead to the collapse of your rod.

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