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Bass fishing has always been popular, with many people citing their different reasons for their love of this fish. Whatever their reasons though, all anglers would agree that it is essential to have a reliable fishing rod which suits all of your needs while bass fishing. With this review, you will get acknowledged with the best bass rods for the money and why bass fishing is so popular.

  • Abu Garcia Vertias
  • St Croix Triumph
  • G. Loomis
  • Lew’s Tournament

With more and more people turning to fishing as a hobby, it would be a move in the right direction if you would decide to give it a try. If you just getting familiar with bass species, you should definitely read the whole post as we provide valuable information about bass species, their habitat and more after product reviews.

The Best Bass Rods For The Money:


Abu Garcia Veritas

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Abu Garcia Veritas is a lightweight rod that you would not hesitate to term as the best fishing rod for the money. This rod is best known for its strength and balance that favours the activities that anglers carry out.

You can also not help but admire this casting rod due to the way the Nano Technology used to make it manipulates graphite on every single particle that comprises the entire rod.

Manipulating the graphite using Nano Technology is geared towards giving this bass fishing rod 2.5 times the impact resistance found in the standard graphite rods. If you were beginning to worry about the rod snapping while you are out hunting for bass, I would recommend that you toss your fears away buy this fishing rod since it will stand the struggle that the bass put up.

In addition, this rod features a high-density EVA handle, which is durable and does not crack even during the very tough hunting sessions. With the titanium, allow guides that have SIC Insert, bass fishing becomes a very manageable activity, and you can focus on having all the fun.


  • It has a durable EVA handle
  • It has a light-weight design
  • It is a sensitive fishing rod
  • Strong enough to be used in bass fishing
  • Has a suitable length


  • EVA handles are at times not sensitive enough
  • Lightness negatively impacts casting

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

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The St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod is another unique bass fishing rod you should definitely try out. This casting rod features a stylish design that only speaks volumes about the quality to expect from this product.

The St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod is made of premium quality SCII graphite that makes it light enough and makes it have the much-desired sensitivity. This model is designed in Park Falls, a company that takes into consideration all the needs of anglers. This is the reason why you can notice feature such as the Fuji DPS reel seat that has frosted silver hoods on this spinning model.

This moderate action fishing rod is powerful enough to help you catch bass fish in lakes and larger water bodies without any inconvenience. Every element of its design grants you all the control that you need to proceed with having all the fishing fun.


  • Excellent rod
  • Light
  • Powerful
  • Very sensitive
  • Provides great balance
  • Can be used with many baits


  • Reel seat locks may be weak

G. Loomis E6X 782C F Bass Casting Rod

G. Loomis E6X 782 C F

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The G Loomis E6X 782 C F is one of the best medium weight casting rods that are available in the market for bass fishing. This 6 feet and 6 inch rod has a sufficient length to enable you to cast a sufficient distance and to contend with the bass fish during the fishing process. With its light weight, you are assured of better balance, which gives you sufficient control over the prey and gives you an edge during all the struggling action.

This model is a top-performance model that presents outstanding value to those anglers who purchase and use it. Its unique design is one that not only presents you with the efficiency that you require but also makes you look like the classy but experienced fisherman.

With the full-cork fore and handle, you have the right casting rod to help you with the detection of even the slightest movement at the bait. The cork-handle is great with not only detecting the movements but also in the way it does not slip away from your hands in the instances in which you really need to be the one in control.

This rod is also fast acting, which adds to the prey detection capabilities which enable you to begin the action at the times in which it is most necessary. With the medium power rating, any angler can use this rod in bass fishing without any disappointments.


  • Light
  • Durable
  • Fast acting
  • Has medium power for better control
  • Has cork handle for better sensitivity
  • Has a classy design
  • Great length for casting and control


  • Cork handle is not durable
  • Its lightweight may affect casting

Lew's Tournament Performance TP-1 Speed Stick

Lew’s Tournament Performance TP-1

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

If you value bass fishing and want to present yourself to a wonderful fishing experience, then this is the rod that you be looking forward to purchasing. This rod is all about the next-level fishing capabilities, and if you are looking for the best fishing rods for the money, then you should look no further.

To begin with, it features IM8 graphite blanks that are all about the provision of sensitivity and strength for increased success rates during the fishing, along with greater control to make you subdue your prey in good time.

It also has the American Micro Wave Guide system which is popular for the way it minimizes the occurrence of wind knots, therefore increasing the distance that you can cast the rod and the accuracy of the cast.

The Soft Touch graphite reel seats significantly reduce the weight of the entire casting rod, and deliver incredible comfort, hence letting you focus on other issues such as determining the area to cast your rod. The exquisite style hook keepers in this rod provide extra security for you. With the superior Dric-Tac grip handles that are manufactured by Winn, you are presented with sufficient control and maximum grip of the rod, even when your hands get wet.


  • Has right length for bass fishing
  • Provides great control
  • Is sensitive
  • Its guides reduce the occurrence of wind knots.
  • Can be used with a wide range of baits.
  • Great casting capabilities.
  • Handles are efficient in wet conditions.
  • Great balance is guaranteed


  • Rod seat area may feel uncomfortable in your palm

Why Do People Like Bass Fishing So Much?

To begin with, bass are known to put up a struggle during the fishing period, which creates a big challenge for the angler. Another thing about bass is that they are very opportunistic predators, thus anglers can catch them using a number of different baits.

Whereas bass are not always easy to find, they can get quite cooperative, and are in most times willing to bite on any lure. Bass lose when they get caught, but the angler gains a lot by figuring out their hiding and movement patterns which usually leads to another “Trophy Fish”.

These fish are good bitters, and will always put up a fight, but they do not bruise the angler as much as other fish like the Musky.

Fishermen fishing for Bass

Which Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing A New Bass Rod?

Before you purchase a new Bass rod, there are a number of things that you should consider in order for you to have the best fishing experience. Some of the main factors you should be on the lookout for are listed below:


Bass fishing rods can range from a tiny 4 feet rod to a gigantic 14 feet rod. Most rods, however, range between 6 and 8 feet. The length of a fishing rod is usually measured from the tip to the butt.

One rule that applies with rods, however, is that the shorter the rod, the shorter the distance it casts, and the longer the rod, the longer the distance the rod casts.

Why do manufacturers still make the shorter bass rods? Thing is, that shorter rods are usually the most suitable types of rods for close combat, or instances in which you are not necessitated to cast a distance.

With the shorter rod, it is possible for you to fight the fish without it stretching or bending excessively. Kayak anglers are, for instance, known to rely on the short rods, which save them space.

The longer rods are known to cover large water areas and used for casting at great distances. They are usually excellent for walking baits and power fishing reaction baits.

When choosing from the variety rods, length is one thing that you should have in mind!


Most of the rods are usually made of fiberglass, carbon fiber or both materials.

The carbon fiber rods or graphite rods are usually the lighter ones but are also stiffer.

The lightweight is responsible for the sensitivity of the graphite rods, and anglers prefer them for better detection of the light bites. However, they break more easily than the ones made of fiberglass.

With the fiberglass rods, more flexibility is guaranteed. These rods are considered as unbreakable.

Rods that have a combination of these two materials are great for anglers who go to different locations to fish and experience different conditions. It ensures that the rods have the bare minimum level of sensitivity and that it can bend without breaking even when the angler is struggling with the fish.


Power points to the amount of force or energy that is required to bend the fishing rod. Rods with more power bend less easily. The more power your fishing rod has, the stiffer its backbone is, and the less likely it is to bend.

Light rods are usually used to catch the smaller fish since they can bend more and are more sensitive to the bites.

The moderate power rods are good for use with baits such as jerkbaits and spinnerbaits.

When choosing your bass fishing rod, you should rely on either a moderate power rod or the heavier power rod, since bass fishing is rigorous.


Action refers to the manner in which the blank of the fishing rod flexes when force is applied to it. It can also refer to the distance that the rod bends away from the tip when a force is applied to the entire rod.

Action variations for fishing rods provided by different manufacturers in the market include: extra fast, fast, moderate and slow.

Bass fishing, which has moderate to heavy action, requires the fast acting rods. This means that any rod that has moderate and fast action can be used to catch bass at a desirable rate.

Great Bass

Should You Choose Casting Or Spinning Rod?

Casting rods, which are often referred to as level-wind, conventional or bait-caster rods, usually have the letter “C” designated to them in the model number. Every time the fish gets caught when using the casting rods, the rod usually gets bent over with the eyelets facing upwards.

Casting rods are difficult to master but are efficient, hence are great tools for professional and experienced fishermen.

Spinning rods, on the other hand, have the letter “S” designated to them in the model number. When the fish gets caught, this rod bends away from the force of the fish bite and eyelets face downwards.

Spinning rods are the better option for bass fishing since amateurs can also use them and since the angler can avoid line tangles and reel the fish faster.

Which Power Rod Should You Choose For Bass Fishing With A Bait-Caster Or Spinning Rods?

Power ratings for fishing rods are usually rated as either light, medium or heavy.

Under light, there is a rating known as ultra-light, which is, as the name suggests, less powerful than the light power-rating rod. Under medium, there is medium heavy, which is more powerful than the medium power rating.

Under heavy, there is extra heavy, which has a higher power rating than the heavy power rating. The heavy power rods usually put a lot of pressure on the fish, and usually best placed to handle the higher pound test lines.

Bass fishing is best done using bait-casting rods that are rated medium, medium heavy and heavy.

These power ratings are sufficient to handle the struggle experienced in getting the bass out of the water.

With spinning rods, it is also better to use medium or heavy power rods since the spinning rods have a larger single hook.

Immediately the bass strikes, the strong hook is usually set in such a way that it can drive the larger single point hook right through the jaw of the bass. This calls for some extra force and since the spinnerbait has subpar aerodynamics that negatively affects the casting distance, you are necessitated to balance the action with several factors.

Having medium power rating rod will come in handy in such instances.

How To Choose The Right Length?

The length of your bass fishing rod is bound to affect the manner in which you manage or handle the fishing experience. The most recommended size to use for bass fishing is around 7 to 8 feet.

Most bass fishing tournaments do not actually allow participants to use rods that are more than 8 feet in length a good choice for regular fishing would be around 7.5 feet. Such a rod makes it a little easier for you to pitch baits during the fishing process.

How Heavy Should It Be?

The materials used to make bass fishing rods usually determine the weight of the rod. The lighter fishing rods are usually brittle and end up breaking when the struggle with the fish becomes considerably intensive.

The heavier rods, on the other hand, have great stretching capabilities that make them great for use in the fishing of fish that put up a struggle.

Bass fishing, therefore, calls for rods that are either medium-weight or are simply rated as heavy. The medium weight ones are the most preferred due to the combination of the properties in the materials used to make them.

Which Materials Are The Best?

As discussed, fishing rods are usually made graphite or fiberglass, with each material presenting its unique benefits. Select the best material is akin to automatically determining how you want your fishing experience to be like.

The best bass fishing rods are made entirely of fiberglass, or a combination of graphite and fiberglass. These two types of rods present you with the properties that serve you best during the hunts for bass.

You are presented with just the right degree of sensitivity to detect the bait being bitten, and the right stretching capability to ensure that the rod does not break during the struggle.

Bass fish underwater shot

Which Handle Should You Choose?

There are different types of handles that are attached to bass fishing rods, depending on the manufacturer. For bass fishing, you should consider rods that have cork handles.

The other material used to make fishing rod handles is EVA foam.

Cork handles are usually found in almost all high-quality fishing rods because it has better properties that EVA foam. Cork handles have better sensitivity, are less slippery and do not compress as easily as EVA foam handles do.

Which Reel Seat Is The Best?

The reel seat is essentially, where the reel is held against the rod.

Most anglers who love bass fishing are known to settle for the graphite reels seats, especially in the cases in which the seat has a cut-out, which makes it possible to feel the blank.

There are also other cheap rods on the market, which have a plastic cushion, though these are bad because they rust and stain your reel.

A good reel seat is one that allows for fast and crisp action, has a lightweight design and has the ability to withstand the beating in the rod locker. Graphite meets all these qualities; hence, it is used to make the best reel seats there are in the market.


Bass fishing is popular with many anglers due to a number of reasons, which include the fact that these fish are very opportunistic and that they usually put up a decent struggle.

If you want to catch these fish, you should be well equipped with the best fishing rod.

The best bass rods the money could buy are the ones that guarantee your success rate and make your overall fishing experience better.

The factors that you should consider in your fishing rod include its weight, length, action, and power. Whereas most bass fishing rods do not have all these factors well considered, there are few that you can rely on and obtain impressive results in your fishing expeditions.

These fishing rods include Abu Gracia Veritas, St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod, Lew’s Tournament Performance TP-1, and G. Loomis E6X 782C F.

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