Why Bass Fishing is so Popular?

The popularity of bass fishing

People want to know why bass fishing is so popular, and majority of these people are newbies who lack bass fishing experience. To have an awesome bass fishing experience, you don’t need much tackle or technique; all you need is the right gear. Spinning reels for Bass is your best pick when it comes to bass fishing, so make sure you equip yourself with one of these for a glorious bass fishing experience.

Bass are top the list of the most desired freshwater game fish, and this isn’t its fault! Who wouldn’t enjoy going after a fish that is so big and fun to capture? Everyone ranging from professional anglers to beginners and even weekend fishermen spend a huge chunk of their time catching Bass. If these people aren’t catching Bass, then they are searching for the magic lure to catch more Bass each time they go fishing. This means one thing; everyone loves bass fishing.

Why Bass Fishing is so Popular?

Today, bass fishing is ranked as one of the most popular activity as far as fishing is concerned. If you are a fisherman and you know nothing about bass fishing; or if you are yet to experience what it means to capture one of those big bass fishes, then you need to ask yourself if you are really a fisherman.

Another fishing gear in the bass fishing category that can induce the fun in this activity is a bass rod. Mind you, when choosing the best bass rod for the type of fishing you plan to use it for, you have to take a good look at many information. Bass rods comes with several ratings that differentiate them from one another, such as the length of the rod, the power rating, including the action rating.

All those mentioned above, including other ratings, play a crucial role in the performance of a rod. Therefore it is best you have this at the back of your mind when planning for a bass fishing adventure.  Bass fishing is popular for several reasons, and you are going to discover all in this article. So, first things first! Before I brief you on reasons about the popularity of bass fishing, it’s best you know a few things about bass fishing. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

The popularity of Bass

Bass Fishing:

Bass fishing is simply the activity of fishing for the North American game fish, which is widely known as Black Bass.

There exist several species of black Bass which are regarded as gamefish in North America, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted Bass, and Guadalupe bass. Black Bass are known to be members of the sunfish family, Centrarchidae.

Over the years, modern bass fishing has transformed into a lucrative industry. This fun-filled activity has been modified ever since its initiation in the late 19th century. From its little beginnings, the black Bass has turned out to be the most desired game fish in the US. Bass fishing is a major driver of the development of all sort of fishing gear, such as rods, reels, lines, fishfinder with GPS, float tubes, kayaks, lures, and also boats designed just for bass fishing.

The Popularity Of Bass:

As earlier said, there exist several reasons why Bass remains a very prominent game fish. For your information, there are over fifteen million anglers in just the US who take part in bass fishing, and that is a clear indication of how addicted anglers are to catching this species of fish. Hopefully, with the way bass fishes are being caught, they won’t go into extinction because if they do, we will end up having so many heartbroken anglers!

Several anglers crave for this great fish. The drive and desire they display in getting these fish are unmatched by any other game fish. Of course, there are several fishes in the water aside from the Bass, but the anglers prefer bass fish because it is THE FISH!

These dedicated anglers spend so much time hunting bass fish; they also spend lots of money on the sport that defines them. They own high-end boats that are equipped with the best cutting-edge technologies. They also have several rods, reels, and probably hundreds of lures and tackle boxes filled with fishing equipment. They have unlimited fishing equipment.

There is also the spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwater baits, soft plastics and unlimited types of hooks for any scenario that might occur. The bait comes with several price range; expensive and cheap. The tackle, one can say, is almost as addictive as the bass fish itself!

Why is Bass so popular

Why Is Bass So Popular?

If you know what makes this great fish so popular, then you will surely know why bass fishing remains a very popular activity in the world of an angler.

This species of fishes are located in all of the 48 states, some places in Canada, Mexico, and even in Cuba. Any individual who enjoys bass fishing can go after them without having to go far because they are everywhere.

Bass fishes are quite stubborn, and I guess this makes them fun to catch. These fishes can put up a good fight, so you have to be prepared. They can also break the surface of the water and fling your lure at any given time. They can, surprisingly, wrap you up in the weeds or probably around a stump and break you off. They are quite strong so snapping your line is very easy for them; in fact, it is their hobby. This amazing species of fish can make you look like a hero and a fool all in one day. Certainly, they have to be the most fun fish to catch. Who wouldn’t enjoy the thrills and spills that come with going after this fish? No one, I’m sure!

Bass fishes may not be the biggest species of fishes but trust me; they are the most addictive. Catching them is always fun, and when you eventually do, probably as a beginner, you will experience this feeling of triumph. Not everyone can catch a fish as stubborn as the Bass!

So when anyone wants to know why bass fishing is popular, you can take such a person on a bass fishing trip and am sure he would fall in love with the experience!

Peacock bass

Bass Fishing Popularity And The Reassons Behind It:

By now, you should have a little insight regarding why bass fishing is quite popular.

As said in the other section, this species of fishes are fun to catch because of the fight they put up when on the verge of being captured. It is just like an action movie, full of fun, action, and you also have those unpredictable moments!

Unlike other species of fishes, you can go bass fishing anytime, be it during the day or in the night. So be assured that you will encounter one of these stubborn fishes anytime you hit the water in search of them. In this 21st century, we all need new recreation, and bass fishing is the best way to do that. The time you spend on the water, probably catching bass fishes, is a time well-spent and also a time spent refreshing your mind, including your spirit.

Bass fishing is quite popular because bass fishes have an eating habit that is wide and varied. They have a huge appetite and would end up consuming anything and everything that comes their way. Don’t be surprised when they end up eating your lure. These fishes will put their teeth in any live or man-made bait that they come in contact with. They feed in all kinds of water, be it deep water, shallow water, including anywhere in between. The summary of it all is that bass fishes are always hungry and in search of food. So, if you don’t get them here, don’t be discouraged, try somewhere else, you will certainly find a hungry one.

Also, because we have bass lakes everywhere, you don’t have to go too far to bass fish, and this makes it quite popular as well because everyone can bass fish without the stress of embarking on a three hours journey. Irrespective of where you reside in the country, there is always a nearby bass lake. All you have to do is go there, and do that which you enjoy doing the most! Enjoying yourself by catching this species of fishes isn’t that difficult, and I bet it is another reason why most people crave to take part in bass fishing.

It takes some expensive gadgets to catch a certain species of fishes, and not all anglers are financially buoyant to afford those gadgets or fishing tackles. But when it comes to bass fishing, you don’t need to acquire a luxurious bass boat that moves with the speed of light or some expensive bass fishing equipment. All you need to enjoy your bass fishing trip is a basic rubber worm, a lawn chair, including a patch of Bass filled waters.

If peradventure you are a novice in the fishing world all you have to do is to experience it; tag along with a bass fisherman on one of his bass fishing trips, and am quite sure that you would want bass fish every day of your life!

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