What Would Be the Best Fishing Rod for Teenager as a Gift?

best fishing rod for teenager

Couple of weeks ago, I had a dilemma. I had to find the best fishing rod for teenager as a gift. I’m really passionate about fishing and when it comes to presents, my main priority is something to do with it. I’ve decided that fully equipped fishing rod would make a great gift.

  • Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo Lightweight
Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo

What Would Be the Best Fishing Rod for Teenager as a Gift?

You can view my choice on Amazon – Here.

I’ve tried to search for some information on the internet, but to my disappointment, could not find any. That’s probably the main reason why I’m sharing my thoughts with you right now:

As he is new to fishing and was nearly 14, the main questions which I had in mind at that time were:

  1. Should I choose the rod and reel separately or buy a combo?
  2. Which color should I pick?
  3. Which type of rod to pick?
  4. How expensive should it be?
  5. Which length should I choose?
  6. Which material it should be made from?
  7. Where can I buy it?
  8. And finally, will he like it?

Should I Choose The Rod And Reel Separately Or Buy A Combo?

I wasn’t thinking a lot about singles or combo options. It’s quite obvious that you should go for combined option if you are planning to buy rod for teenager. It should be fully equipped and ready for a “test drive” as soon as he/she receives it.

Purchasing rod and reel separately for a teenager could lead to a lot of unnecessary thinking. Try to avoid that, as it will save you time and nerves. Only if you plan to make a present for experienced fisherman, then you should consider this option, but some combos, which are currently on the market, work well even for them.

One other thing that you should consider when buying a fishing rod for teenager – it should look modern and “cool” as they say. Otherwise, it might be just kept in a closet for “later” or given to someone else. I doubt that anyone of us would like that.

Which Color Should I Pick?

I remember when I was a teenager. Color mattered a lot to me and probably things haven’t changed since then. I wouldn’t think that buying a pink rod for a young lad would be an appropriate gift.

You should go for darker colors if you buy something for boys. Colors like black, silver or dark blue would do well. If you think of buying something for a girl, probably you already know her color preferences. If you don’t, just check her room or ask her parents for an advice.

In any case, you won’t make a mistake if you’ll chose the black color rod. It’s the most common color on the market which is suitable for all. 

Happy teenager while fishing

Which Type Of Rod To Pick?

We all know that there are many different fishing techniques, like angling, bottom fishing, trolling, fly fishing, jigging, casting or spinning and much more. Every technique requires different equipment suitable for the fish that you aiming for and the environment.

What I have considered while picking a specific technique, is that a teenager likes action and is constantly on the move. It could be a struggle for him/her to sit at the same spot even for an hour. Therefore, I went for a spinning rod combo. Not only you can spin cast from different locations while on the move, but also switch lures with ease.

Having lots of different lure types in a tackle box is a huge advantage for a teenager, especially when he/she is surrounded by friends. Lots of discussions can be started just from looking at colors, types, sizes of the lures. It will allow him/her to show off a little bit and get his/her friends’ acknowledgment, which is very important at this age. Every friend in the company will want to have similar equipment.

One other thing which I would like to mention. If you manage to catch a fish while spinning, it usually is a big one, which you can be proud of. Imagine Instagram, Facebook and other social networks posts that can be done with that catch. You will be proud if the first big fish will be caught with your present.

How Expensive Should It Be?

One of the main factors for a teenager is the price of a gift. It should not be too cheap! If the value of a gift is low, it usually counts as worthless and won’t be used. Probably he/she will try to get rid of it as soon as possible or exchange it for something else.

Think about how much money you can spend on a gift. In my case, I was looking for something that costs a bit less than a 100$. In my opinion, that is a reasonable price for a gift. Believe me, it wasn’t an easy task as I wanted to find the best fishing rod for him.

If you do have a bigger budget, you can always buy an equipment which costs more and you won’t go wrong here.

Which Length Should I Choose?

Probably one of the hardest decisions was to choose the length of a fishing rod. The length of a rod is determined by the type of fishing and lures which are being used.

For the combo that I’ve chosen, I had 2 different variations: 2000 – 6.6 ft. Medium and 4000 – 7 ft. Medium Heavy. 6.6 feet rod seemed a bit short and is typically used while casting from a boat. When you are a teenager, you can only dream about having your own fishing boat and with this kid, it was not an exception.

My choice was 7 ft. and I never had a thought that I went wrong with it. I know, from my personal experience, that in some cases, you want to aim for further distance and longer rods allow you to do that.

Which Material It Should Be Made From?

Quality rods have to be made from the materials that are light and can handle big loads. Just imagine your frustration if your rod would break while pulling a big fish.

You can find lots of fishing rods on the market which are made from different materials. Most common ones are made from bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber or graphite fiber. Fishing rod which was chosen by me is made from carbon fiber which proves to be one of the best materials for rods.

Carbon fiber is a material consisting of extremely thin fibers which makes this material very strong for its light weight. The main properties of it are: high tensile strength, low thermal expansion and low weight. Fishing rod made from this material will break only in case when you are pulling a whale.

Where Can I Buy It?

My first choice was to go to the local stores to check if I could find anything suitable for the price. After visiting 5 of my favorite stores and seen lots of different variations, I had to come back home emptyhanded. Either the price was too high, or the quality was not suitable.

The next choice was Amazon and I’ve managed to find the one that suits all my needs. Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo Lightweight was affordable, light, of a good quality and best of all – super cool. Shipping only took a couple of days and I was fully prepared for the birthday party as soon as the delivery was made to my home address.

Teenager fishing

Will He Like It?

That was probably the best part. If you could see the look on his face when he received his present. He was so happy that he could barely breathe. It was probably one of the best gifts that day. I was asked several times about the techniques, lures, types of fishes that can be caught with his new rod. He assembled and showed it to all his friends. I’ve heard them talking about upcoming fishing trip.

Probably I’ve found new companion that day and will hear lots of exciting fishing stories in the future. Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo is definitely the best rod for teenager.

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