Pike Fishing Season – Timing, Restrictions, Closed Seasons

Pike Fishing Seasons

If you are an angler and you are yet to experience the feeling of catching a pike fish, I can confidently tell you that you are missing a lot. Not only are you missing out on the thrills and spills that come with catching this fish, but you are also missing out on the chance to see the famous freshwater shark, aka the fish with a snake-like body. Pikes, one of the UK’s most admired coarse fish, is caught during certain periods or seasons. And as a piker or a pike enthusiast, it is important that you are aware of these seasons to enhance your chances of catching this fish.

Pike season is the ideal time to grab your tackle and hit the water in search of this fish. The season which kickoff officially on the 1st of October runs till March. Also, pikes are usually active during the warmer months.

The fact that “pike season” exist doesn’t mean they can’t be caught outside this season. It is simply a period where these fish species are very active; thus making them easy to catch. During my years of interacting with several novice and professional anglers, I have come to understand that ignorance is the main bane of anglers. There are some pike anglers out there who aren’t even aware of the spawning season of this fish, or its food preference. And I find that quite weird because to hunt a fish as dogged and vicious as a pike; you need to do your research. That aside, let’s delve into the crux of this article.

Northern Pike:

Average Length:40–55 cm (16–22 in)
Maximum Recorded Length:150 cm (59 in)
Maximum Recognized Weight:25 kg (55 lb)
Appearance:Most often olive green, shading from yellow to white along the belly. The flank is marked with short, light bar-like spots and a few to many dark spots on the fins.
Life Cycle:10-15 years. In some cases up to 25 years.
Habitat:Found in fresh water throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including Russia, Europe, and North America.
Aggression:Very aggressive species, especially with regards to feeding.

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Pike Fishing Season – Timing, Restrictions, Closed Seasons

If you are a pike enthusiast and don’t seem to know the right season to target this fish, or if you are an expert pike angler who wishes to reinforce his or her knowledge about this fish, this article is for you.

Pike is a unique fish which almost often tops the food chain wherever they find themselves. This fish, which is an apex predator, hunts like a professional and eats like a glutton. Their long teeth, snake-like body, alligator-like head, and large eyes are some distinguishing features of this fish. However, that is not why it is one of the most admired fish in Europe.

The pike is famous and well-admired because of their aggressive nature. They are prolific fighters and willing biters. Catching them is easy provided you know the right tackle to use, the strategy to adopt, and the season to fish. Speaking of season, when is the appropriate season to catch this voracious fish?

Pike season usually begins in October and ends in March. During this season, pikes are usually active, giving you the chance to put your pike catching skills to good use. However, if you lack the skills, you will surely struggle to land this fish even if there are oodles of them in the water. So, in a nutshell, knowing the season of this fish is one step to catching them.

During the pike season, don’t expect the fishes to swim up to the shore and raise a white flag. No. You will have to search for them if you don’t want to go home empty-handed. So where do you look? The answer is simple. Focus your attention on their prey. Pikes love frogs, roach, and smaller fishes like perch, walleyes, bass, chubs. If you find a congregation of one of these preys in a location, there is a huge chance that a pike will be around. Also, scrutinize waters with coverings like weeds.

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Can You Fish For Pike All Year?

It is one thing to have the necessary tackle and skills needed to capture pikes, while it is another thing to know when to catch this fish. Like a few others, Pike fishing is embroiled in several falsehoods, myths, and what have you. One of the many myths surrounding pike fishing is the statement that this fish can only be caught during a certain period of the year. And, sadly, there are a few anglers out there who see this as true; probably because they are often unlucky in their effort to capture this fish. So, to quell or squash such myth, I think its best I address the question “Can you catch pike all year round?”

Pike is not a seasonal fish that comes out during a particular season. Pikes can be fished all times of the year. However, fishing may depend on a few factors like spawning season, weather, the water temperature, water levels, and barometric pressure.

Pike fish can be caught any time and any day; provided you fish in the right location, and adopt the right tactic and tackle. If you wish, you can decide to catch this fish on a Monday in June or on a Sunday in April. However, there are some periods when this fish are very active; this period is usually regarded as the pike fishing season. You should also have it in mind that the trick in catching pikes outside their fishing season lies in scrutinizing the surroundings, water temperature, time of the day, area, and cover options. If you are a proficient angler, you should be able to catch this fish regardless of the time or season.

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Is There a Closed Season For Pike Fishing?

Pike is a very exuberant and vicious fish, which is why most anglers love catching them. Oh… they taste great as well if you cook them appropriately. As a professional piker or a novice, you need to digest lots of information before you go after this fish. Some of this information are key to helping you catch lots of this fish; some will help you stay safe when catching this fish, some will help you adopt the right tackle when catching this fish, while some will help you stay out of prison or escape sanction when catching this fish. You see, before you go after this fish, as a novice or a professional in a new area, there are a few questions you must ask, and one of them is “Is there a closed session for pikes?”

Pike fishing has a closed season in most of the countries. In England and Whales, the closed season lies between March 15th and June 15th. Ensure you check the rules and regulations in your location for information regarding the restricted timings.

During closed season the fishing and killing of a certain game are prohibited. For instance, in some states or countries, pike fishing is prohibited during the spawning season. This season varies for all states and countries. Also, the closed season is not always applicable to all water bodies. It may apply to all rivers, streams, and drains except still waters.

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Can You Fish For Pike In Closed Season?

There are multiple laws put in place to safeguard fishes and games. These laws which are different in several countries must be adhered to. One of such common laws created to protect certain fish species and games is the closed season law. As an angler, you must be abreast of the latest closed season law in your area or country or face the consequences that follow. It is also important that you know the requirements regarding the closed season.

During the closed season for pike, you are prohibited from catching this fish. This season varies per country and state. For instance, in some countries, you cannot capture this fish during their spawning season. In other words, it is a closed season for pikes.

A professional piker is not only one who is skilled in catching pike, but one who is also aware of the laws that govern the catching of this fish. So, before you fish in any location, ensure that you make your findings, so you don’t find yourself in jail or end up paying a huge fine.

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What Time Of Year Is Best for Pike Fishing?

Pike fishing can be fun if you know when the fish. Now don’t get me wrong, you can catch this fish throughout the year, but if you want to record huge success, it’s best you fish when they are very active. When you go after this fish during their active period, your chances of catching lots of this fish will definitely increase, provided you know the hacks. So, let’s go straight to the question; when is the best time of the year to catch this fish?

The best time of the year to pike fish is during cold water seasons, that is, from fall to spring. That is why these fishes are famous during winter periods when lakes and rivers are frozen. The first of October till March is also good for catching this fish.

I know many anglers out there are eager to capture lots of pikes each day they go fishing. And I am also aware that there exist anglers who love to go big. If you fall in the category of anglers who dream of capturing a 50 pound pike, then the best time to try your luck is around late May and early June; this applies for all locations.

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