Best Fishing Rod Holders Which are Reliable and Quite Affordable!

Best Fishing Rod Holders

There are some fishing tackles that can make fishing fun, and rod holders are one of those tackles. However, the truth remains that the best fishing rod holders are often underrated. Unknown to some anglers out there, this “underrated” and invaluable tool can up your fishing game when fishing from a boat.

Below is a list of the best rod holders that can be found on Amazon:

  • Rush Creek Creations Round 16
  • Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod/Pole Storage
  • KastKing Fishing Rod Rack
  • Rush Creek Creations 6 Fishing Rod Storage
  • YakAttack Omega Rod Holder
  • HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder
  • Scotty 284-BK
  • Scotty 229-BK
  • Coolnice Rod Holders
  • E-jades Upgraded Rod Holders

Not only do these units offer anglers a hands-free approach, they are also very useful during those times when you want to chill with a sandwich and as soft drink under the warm summer sun. Selecting the appropriate rod retainers can turn out to be a difficult task, especially for individuals who are new to the task. As a novice angler, ensure you take out time to get conversant with the various types and brands of fishing rod holders. Rod securers can secure a variety of rod, even telescopic rods as well.

Best Fishing Rod Holders:

In selecting a fishing tackle, ensure you go for one that fits the type of water (saltwater or freshwater) you plan on fishing in and the species of fish you intend to capture. For instance, if you are a bass enthusiast and you want to catch bass, you have to go for tackles that are specifically made to capture these stubborn species of fishes. Tackles such as bass rods, spinning reels for bass, etc. would prove to be helpful in capturing these fishes.

Ignorance is one of the reasons why some anglers go fishing and return frustrated. If you know the right fishing techniques to adopt when fishing, coupled with the appropriate tackles to use, you will definitely return from that fishing trip of yours with a broad smile on your face. Technology has made fishing easier that it once was. Nowadays, you don’t have to stress yourself looking for fishes; with the right gadgets such as a fish finder, you will locate your preys without stress.

Rush Creek Creations Round 16 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Rush Creek Creations Round 16 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

Here is a device that offers users true value at its optimum. This rack, which can accommodate 24 rod, is equipped with the innovative two-clip technology that can retain two freshwater rods or one saltwater rod up to 1.25” in diameter.

This device also comes with an ultra-glide swivel system that makes rotation smooth. It is also equipped with some heavy-duty 38mm steel centre post that makes this rack more stable. With this rod gripper rack, you have the best access to all rods including padded guides on baseplate. Zero tool assembly.

This amazing rod gripper, which can rotate 360 degrees, has a multi-clip design that can accommodate rods of diverse diameter (large or small). The rubber rod grips present in this device holds the rods without scratching them. In addition, it has a base made of foam, which safeguards the rod handles.


  • It can retain around 24 rods
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • It has a multi-clip design that makes it accommodate large and small diameter rods
  • Equipped with rubber rod grip that helps hold the rods without scratching it
  • Has a base made of foam that protects the rod handles


  • Can hold many rods (24)
  • Uniquely designed
  • Secure
  • Water resistant handle insets


  • Can feel a bit clumsy

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Storage Wall Rack

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod/Pole Storage

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

This device which is another creation from rush creek, is an 11 rod rack that helps save space and provide the best storage for rods. It is furnished with a natural wood grain laminate that makes this piece more beautiful. Here is a versatile wall rack that boast of 6 detachable butt caps. The detachable butt caps makes it easy to store the rods in horizontal and vertical positions. If you wish to save space then it is best you get this amazing device.

If placed vertically, this device is capable of holding 6 freshwater rod and reel combination. For extra space, you can decide to detach the resting caps and place it on the celling or wall. By so doing, you will be creating additional space for 5 freshwater rods and reels combination.

Also, included in this no-tool assembly rod storage wall ceiling rod rack, is a variety of mounting hardware. Another amazing feature of this device is its adjustable height. The height of this rack can be modified to accommodate the size of rod you own in your collection.


  • It is versatile. It can be placed on the wall or ceiling to safeguard your fishing rods.
  • Helps save space by holding a total of 11 rods (if positioned horizontally).
  • Equipped with 6 detachable caps for vertical rod storage
  • Adorned with natural wood grain for a beautiful appearance


  • Versatile rod retaining device
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has extra space
  • Ideal for home or garage


  • Not ideal for some fishing trips

KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

KastKing Fishing Rod Rack

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

This amazing rod rack, which can accommodate all type of fishing rods is one of the best fishing rod grippers out there. It has the capacity to hold about 24 rods. As a unique rod rack, this device can accommodate a variety of rods raging from KastKing phantom kayak rods, KastKing perigee rods, ugly stick rods, St. Croix rods, G. Loomis rods, etc. You can get one of this device for your garage, your cabin, or even your bedroom. Get your rod prepared for your fishing adventure by purchasing this device.

This device is also equipped with a carrying handle that makes it very portable. Aside from its portability, it has cushioned grippers that helps keep the rod handle protected and secure it in place. One thing that cause damage to most fishing tackles is rust. Rust ferociously attacks tackles just like locust attacks a corn field. Thus, having a corrosion-resistant tackle is the best way to prevent the damage of such equipment. This fishing rod rack is corrosion-resistant thanks to its aluminium frame.

Since this fishing rod rack is small, lightweight and sturdy, it is ideal for boats. It take up a minimum floor space of about 2.52 square feet so you can easily locate the ideal place to station this device. You can secure this rod rack with the aid of bungee cords, zip ties or screws. In case of severe water conditions, it is advisable that you secure the rods with rubber bands.


  • It is equipped with padded locked holders
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Has a compact design
  • Assembled in a simple way
  • Come with adjustable shelves


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Heavy when loaded

Rush Creek Creations 2-Piece 6 Fishing Rod Storage Wall Mount Rack

Rush Creek Creations 6 Fishing Rod Storage

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

Here is another unique creation form rush creek. With this rod rack, you can store your loved possessions in style. This rod storage is versatile and very convenient. It is a device that is well sought-for by anglers all over the world. This device isn’t just easy to mount, you can also decide how many rods it displays.

In addition, this holder is equipped with a skip-peel finish and pine construction that makes it appropriate for lake use. To increase wall space, this device can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position.

This rack isn’t hard to assemble, so you should be sure that you would spend less time putting this rod together and more time fishing.


  • It is handcrafted from strong pine coupled with skip-peel finish
  • The amazing finish adores this device a lustrous appearance
  • It is resistant to scratch
  • Can be mounted in a variety of positions, be it vertically, horizontally, or on a wall


  • Very easy to install
  • 2-piece rack
  • Stores around 6 rods
  • Vertical or horizontal position placcement


  • Is somewhat fragile

YakAttack Omega Rod Holder

YakAttack Omega Rod Holder

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

With a slogan of “the last rod gripper you will ever need”, indeed this device has lived up to its reputation. I present to you a holder that works well with rods of diverse sizes. This holder is also compatible with spinning, casting, bigger conventional reels and even fly rods as well.

The Yakattack Omega rod gripper is equipped with a 360-degree revolving collar that offers anglers the ability to hold the rod by capturing the reel. This device also comes with several modes that that enables anglers to easily mount rods for easy access. With the multiple modes, you can also decide to lock the rods for max security.

The Yakattack rod retainer is also equipped with a modern rod tube, which is made for spinning and casting rods and reels. It has a glimbal lock that falls into place to give room for rods that are large. This holder also comes with multiple attachment points on the base for rod leashes, raising the security of the gear. The rod tube present in this holder is track-mount prepared, and it is furnished with the lockNload mounting mechanism. The lockNLoad mechanism provides optimum track-mount security, however it is also quite easy to make adjustments regarding its patented pending design.


  • Works well with several reels such as spinning, casting, and other larger reels
  • Equipped with multiple modes that give angles the opportunity to stage rods for quick access
  • GearTrac / Rod not include


  • Easy to install
  • LockNLoad mechanism
  • Can accommodate rods of diverse lengths


  • Somewhat heavy


HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

This holder for rods works well with spinning reels, fly reels, boat reels, etc. Just like some rod retainers, this device can adjust 360 horizontally including 90 degrees vertically. Here is a reel that can fit most boats due to its versatility.

This device is made with user-friendly materials so you shouldn’t have any difficulty using this holder. It is also made of strong and anti-corrosion materials to ensure that it lasts long. The Hitorhike rod holders are properly designed and built, they also one of the strongest rod grippers out there.

This device is one of its kind and its amazing features is a testament to that fact. It isn’t quite expensive even if it boast of some fantastic properties.


  • Equipped with features that prolongs its life-span
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • It is strong and versatile


  • It is very easy to use
  • Can be installed easily


  • Its mount doesn’t fit to square tube

Scotty 284-BK Baitcaster and Spinning Rod Holder

Scotty 284-BK

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

This amazing holder for baitcaster and spinning rods can hold a baitcaster reel in a stylish cradle. It has a slot in the front of the rod gripper that effectively holds a spinning reel in its rightful position.

The rod retainer also comes with a design that is equipped with a side-mounted flange, which leaves the base open. This enables the rod retainer to accommodate trigger grips. It is also equipped with pistol grip rod butts, which easily makes room for quick rod retraction.

The Scotty baitcaster/ spinning rod device is durable which is one of the reason why it one of the best upcoming rod grippers in the market.


  • This device can hold a baitcaster reel in a cushioned cradle
  • It is equipped with piston grip butts
  • The products weighs about 3 pounds
  • Rod can be held in the holder with a tender latching strap which snaps over the top


  • It is durable
  • It is very easy to install


  • Has components that are somewhat difficult to master

Scotty 229-BK Power Lock Rod Holder (No Mount)

Scotty 229-BK (No Mount)

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

Here is one of Scotty’s most priced rod securer. This power lock is made with a versatile cradle that can secure any type of reel. Here is a holder that also comes with a front locking ring to ensure that the rod doesn’t get misplaced while travelling.

The Scotty power lock holder is made from a durable material – fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon. This nylon provides the rod securer with adequate durability, resilience and reliability. Here is an ideal multi-functional holder that can be used for various types of fish species. This device can as well be used for any vessel including rod setup.

The Scotty power lock rod gripper is isn’t equipped with a mount, this makes it quite easy for you to select any mount that matches your requirements.


  • The mount is not sold together with the holder
  • It comes in color black
  • It can hold various types of reels


  • It is versatile
  • Made from a durable material


  • Some of its components are fragile

Coolnice Rod Holders for Bank Fishing - 2 Pack

Coolnice Rod Holders

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

Here is a device that makes fishing such a pleasurable activity. This holder provides you with the best hands-on approach to fishing. It is also very easy to assemble, insert and reposition. This Coolnice holder for bank fishing is compact, light and easily foldable. Its lightweight structure significantly reduces its size thus making it more portable.

Made of an ultra-quality stainless steel and plastic that weighs just 0.85lb. Unlike other fishing rod holders, this device is not bulky. You can easily tuck it in your tackle box, backpack, or vest and go fishing.

This tool is strong enough for a variety of spinning, casting, and spincast rods. As an avid angler, you will definitely enjoy making use of this device due to its user-friendly design and the fact that it is quite easy to use.


  • Fit several types of spinning, casting, and spincast rods
  • Equipped with a tapered shape drill rod which makes it easy to station on the ground
  • Equipped with features that prevents your rods from scratching


  • Light-weight design
  • U-shape holder


  • Some of its components are fragile

E-jades Upgraded Rod Holders for Bank Fishing

E-Jades Upgraded Rod Holders

You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

This amazing fishing tackle is made of one of the best materials in reinforced nylon and can be utilized with fishing chairs. Rust is one of the worse enemies of fishing gears and reinforced nylon is known as an anti-rust material. Another benefit of the material- reinforced nylon is that it is very friendly to fishing rods.

Just like most rod retainers on this list, the E-jade holder can also accommodate rods like spinning and casting rods. The enhanced holder is of bigger size and this increases the stability of the rod.

In addition, the top (head) of this holder can turn 360 degrees horizontally including 130 degrees vertically. The holder remains firm when revolving, thanks to some nuts. If you prefer, you can modify the head to any angle of your choice when fishing by either the sea, river, or lake.


  • Made with enhanced materials such as reinforced nylon
  • It is very portable and lightweight
  • Due to its telescopic design, this device can easily be moved and stored


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all types of fishing


  • Fragiledue to its lightweight design

Benefits of fishing rod securers

What Are Fishing Rod Holders?

A rod gripper can simply be regarded as angler’s assistance. This crucial tool help in securing fishing rods. When selecting a rod gripper, you must go for one that correctly fits the size and design of your boat including how you want it to be mounted.

How To Install Fishing Rod Gripper?

The process of mounting or installing a fishing rod gripper is quite easy and straightforward. With the appropriate tools coupled with some basic knowledge of how this works, you should have no troubles with this task. Mounting fishing rod grippers on your boat is one inexpensive way to upgrade your boat.

When installing a rod gripper, the first thing to do is to use protective tape on the involved area. Afterwards, make a pilot hole in the intended spot. Then with the aid of a straight edge, ensure that the rod griper is well aligned on the gunwale. Having done that, grab a drill and make a hole for the rod retainer. To avoid the scenario whereby you drill a hole that is either too small or too large for the rod retainer, place the rod retainer in the hole before moving on to the next step.

With the help of a side-cutting bit, cut out the intended angle and put the rod gripper inside the hole. Install the spacer including the backing nut that secures the rod gripper after ensuring that it is perfectly aligned with the gunwale. Ensure that they remain well secured so that they stay put. To tighten further, you can pull the rod gripper back and forth to create extra room to secure it properly.

The ultimate step to install this tool on your boat is to peel off the protective tape. After peeling off the tape, use a clean rag coupled with alcohol to clean the area properly.

When selecting a rod holder, what do you look for?

Where Are The Rod Holders On A Fishing Boat?

The location of rod grippers on a fishing boat varies. This tool isn’t mounted or installed in a specific location on the boat. For optimum performance, it is recommended that you install this tool in an area that is very accessible.

To ensure that the rod holders poses no restriction to fishing, some anglers install rod grippers at a 90-degree angle from the centreline. Generally, the location of rod gripers is based on the preference of the angler.

Why Do You Need The Best Rod Holders?

Most anglers don’t fancy the use of rod securers. As an angler, one thing you should note is that this tool is an important part of a fishing boat setup. The most obvious use of a rod retainer is for trolling. Irrespective of how it is carried out, whether with a downrigger or when flat lining, a rod holder can be that godsend tool you need during severe and bad weather.

Utilizing a rod retainer comes with some benefits. This fishing tool will ensure that the angler pays rapt attention to electronics including how the boat is being operated, without having to hold the rod him/herself. Other benefits of using a fishing rod retainer are listed below.

How to Install Fishing Rod Gripper

Benefits Of Fishing Rod Securers:

Rod securers, which are synonymous to rod holders and grippers, boasts of some benefits. This device, which helps secure fishing rods, provides anglers with a degree of flexibility and leisure while fishing. It is a very common item and anglers of these days often take them along when embarking on a fishing trip that involves the use of a boat. Below are few benefits of this device:

They help in the catch

Rod securers are available in diverse shapes and sizes. Some of these rod holders aren’t only designed to secure rods but to also help in capturing fishes. Even if an angler is busy with other things, these specially designed rod holders can capture a fish and hold it till the angler arrives.

They help protect fishing rods

Rod securers help safeguard your fishing rods. They do this by securing these rods in place to prevent them from being tossed into the water.

Losing your fishing rod is something you definitely want to avoid and a fishing rod securer is that device that can help you prevent such scenario. In addition, without this device, there is a huge chance of you losing your fishing rod because a little fish can pull the rod into the water with minimal effort.

They help prevent a mess

Fishing rod securers can be utilized as storage chamber and this helps stop fishing lines from becoming intertwined needlessly. With a rod securer, you have the best place to keep your fishing rod and this makes it quite easy to keep your boat clear of any tangled lines and stray rods.

When Selecting A Rod Holder, What Do You Look For?

Fresh vs. Saltwater

Rod grippers come in a variety of materials such as nylon, ABS plastic, fiberglass, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome plated brass or zinc. As some of you are aware, nylon and fiberglass are resistant to corrosion but they are not as strong as treated metals. It is highly advised that you go for stainless steel or chrome-plated brass rod holders when fishing in rough areas because of their strength and ability to withstand rod movement. If you have a restricted budget, you can consider going for a holder made of fiberglass and plastic. You can also use those types (fiberglass and plastic) of rod holders when fishing in calm waters.

Fixed vs. Removable

There are several rod gripers out there that are stationary and this is because they can be mounted in already-made holes or they are affixed (with a screw) onto the cabin sides. If you boat is made in a way that it can’t accommodate fixed-mounted rod gripers, it is best you go for removable rod retainer that can slip into little, vertical –mounted holes. This type of arrangement makes it quite easy for you to install and retract the holder when and when not in use.

Modifiable and unmodifiable

Rod grippers that are modifiable are quite convenient, they cost less, and are better option (cost-wise) to stainless-steel rod holders. This type of rod grippers can turn, lock in place, and can be installed in different types of spots with diverse mounting holes. Adjustable rod securers may not be as strong as fixed mounted rod holders, but they boast of more versatility and are mostly utilized in spinning or bait-casting set-ups.

Final Note:

Your fishing location, including the type of vessel you adopt will determine the type of rod retainer you should go for. Go for stainless steel or chrome models when embarking on serious ocean fishing and cost-effective alternatives like fiberglass and ABS plastic when embarking on casual fishing.

Adjustable rod gripper are the most convenient rod grippers available because of their flexibility. If you need something that is rigid, it is advised that you consider fixed rod retainer and not the adjustable models. Little vessels that are often used for fishing are best furnished with rod grippers that can be detached when not needed.

Having briefed you on some crucial information regarding rod grippers, it is best we delve into the crux of this guide. In selecting a rod securer, it is advice that you for that which suits your boats and the water you fish in, and most importantly, go for the best rod gripper. In this guide, we aim to provide you with some information regarding the best of these devices.

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