Tackle Box on Wheels Which Will Fit All Your Fishing Gear!

tackle box on wheels

When on a fishing trip, it is always best to keep all of your gear in one place where it can be accessed with ease. But what if you go fishing for a few days and you need to take a lot of tackle which sometimes might be heavy to carry? The answer is simple – use a tackle box on wheels and life will become much easier on any fishing trip you’ll go.

From the huge variety of choices, the best ones that I’ve seen so far are:

  • Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box
  • Okuma Nomad Tackle Rolling Deck Bag
  • Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart

The success of your fishing and its subsequent enjoyment is wholly determined by the kind of gear you use, and the apparatus with which you carry your tackle. Fishing requires differently specialized equipment, and it is always overwhelming for experienced and rooky anglers to keep track of everything by having tackle boxes on wheels. 

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

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This tackle box is an exquisite product that was built for anglers to transport all of their fishing gear while keeping everything organized and easily retrievable. It is fashioned from extremely durable fabric and accessorized with rugged zippers. It features one adjustable compartment at the top, and you can divide it into two or three smaller sections. It also features five removable trays that make it easier to organize and retrieve items of different specialization. In fact, this box is great for convenient and easy carrying because it features a carrying strap to be hoisted over the shoulder. 

Some of its other outstanding features include:

• Lightweight construction of weighs 11.8 lbs.
• Shoulder strap for convenient carrying
• Waterproof construction to protect your tools and fishing gear
• Five 3600 tray compartments of size 18
• Four PVC rod rollers
• Extendable handle for elevated convenience
• Dimensions: L 15.7″ x W 9.6″ x H 18.7″

Main advantages:

• It is tough, thanks to its durable fabric and zippers, for longevity in use
• It makes fishing easier thanks to its compact, lightweight, spacious and organized design
• Allow angler to keep both hands free
• Help to stay well organized while storing fishing gear within easy reach

Okuma Nomad Tackle Box

Okuma Nomad Tackle Rolling Deck Bag

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This is a superb, spacious and conveniently designed tackle system. It can accommodate more than three tackles and still retain room for storing lunch in the top compartment. In fact, some people wonder what to store in the extra-large deep tackle tray. 

This product features four rod and reed combinations, and it can store and organize a large selection of tackle. It features a top and bottom space that provides enough room to cover all of your fishing needs. The top is padded, and it features adjustable dividers for convenient organization of reels and other types of gear. The lower compartment offers four boxes, and the bag still offers side pockets. The side storage pockets are accompanied by four-rod tubes at every corner.

It also features:

• Three tackle trays
• One deep tackle tray
• Corrosion resistant zippers of premium quality
• Retractable handle for convenient use
• Denier rip-stop polyester of lasting quality

Main advantages:

• It is tough, thanks to its durable fabric and zippers, for longevity in use
• It makes fishing easier thanks to its compact, lightweight, spacious and organized design
• Allow angler to keep both hands free
• Help to stay well organized while storing fishing gear within easy reach

Berkley Sportsmans Tackle Box

Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart

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You should definitely get yourself the Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart if you would like to stay efficient, organized and comfortable in your fishing endeavors. There is no doubt that this is an excellent tackle-management and transportation system for you and your counterparts. It makes the perfect gift to fishing enthusiasts as well because of its compact design and durable construction. It offers you the privilege of having four removable rod holders for increased convenience that is heightened by the bag’s integrated seat. Yes, you can decide to take a rest whenever you get tired thanks to the seat and the cutting board. 

The Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart is also a delight because it doesn’t sink on sand or soft surfaces. The designers included the big pivoting feet for that purpose, and its reinforced construction allows it to support about 300 pounds. 

Some of its most attractive features include:

• Integrated seat
• High-quality aluminum frame for robust rigidity and durability
• Electrostatic finish for corrosion resistance and aesthetic excellence
• Heavy-duty gear to make the interior water and heat resistant
• Pivoting feet for stability on sandy beaches
• Durable and light wheels for convenient portability
• Sturdy and adjustable handle for easy toting

The Berkley Sportsman’s Pro Cart is a great product for fishing. It allows you to carry as many items necessary for your tackle as possible. It also allows you to take a sit while you wait for the fish to trap themselves with your numerous and various baits and lures.


• It is tough, thanks to its durable fabric and zippers, for longevity in use
• It makes fishing easier thanks to its compact, lightweight, spacious and organized design
• Allows angler to keep both hands free
• Help to stay well organized while storing fishing gear within easy reach


• Some fishermen do not like it because it doesn’t latch
• Some others also do not like the fact that it doesn’t have as much side support as they would prefer normally
• Most folks buy this product for their children who find it to be too heavy for their liking. However, the weight is watered down by the big wheels and the Telescoping handle that is made for easy toting

The Ideal Fishing Experience

Let’s ignore everything that happens before or after a fishing exercise including the traveling to and from the ideal fishing spot. What makes the suitable fishing equipment for a fun, efficient and bountiful experience? It only goes without saying that the bait, tackle and fishing gear are the most crucial. You require a wide variety of specialized gear and tackle to do a good fishing job.

Unfortunately, the more you are endowed with the proper gear, tackle and bait, the more weighed down you will be. It is a kind of a bitter-sweet scenario that requires excellent tackle boxes to make it ultimately sweet, enjoyable and less chaotic. Let’s just face it, you really need some order when packing, unpacking, using and repacking numerous fishing gear including fishing line, hooks, plastic worms and lures, bottled bait, first aid kit, floater or bobbers, sinkers, line cutter, extra hook, needle pliers and sunscreen.

Fishing line: A fishing line is a cord that is used during angling. Most lines are made from nylon or silk, and anglers make their preferences depending on fishing environmental factors such as breaking strength, abrasion resistance, knot strength and visibility.

Hooks: Fishing hooks are the sharp and curved pointed tips that are used to catch fish by impaling them from the mouth or by snagging their bodies. The fish traps itself via the hooks on which bait is often impaled.

Plastic worms and lures: These are artificially fabricated bait that looks like the organisms on which fish feed.

Line Cutter: This is an extremely sharp blade that can cut through thick fishing lines.

Bottled Bait: These are organic organisms, stored in bottles, which are used to catch fish on hooks

Sinkers: These are weights with which fishermen use to sink their fishing lines.

The most amazing and frustrating thing about fishing is that it can be quite a complex process. For example, while some fishing enthusiasts just fish in shallow waters from the ground, others go deep in the water to get more alluring fish. However, their experience and success rate may be heavily impeded by forgetting a few simple fishing tools. For example, it would be a shame to forget your sinkers if you went on a boat for deep fishing. So how do you fight forgetfulness and conveniently carry all of the required fishing gear? Well, the answer simply lies within the boxes.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Tackle Box:

It is quite important to reiterate the importance of having the required fishing gear for your specialized fishing activities. This is the main reason why a tackle box is so important that you should never ignore packing yours. A tackle box helps you to plan effectively by helping you to organize all of your gear in an orderly manner. They are different in shapes, sizes and design. When choosing the right fit for you, the following are some of the factors to consider:

  • Durability
  • Balance
  • Water Resistance
  • Space Allocation
  • Extra Space
  • Warranty
  • Size
  • Type
  • Quality


Well, you must carefully consider why you want a tackle box. Are you buying it for leisure or for professional use? Who is going to be using it among you, your spouse, children and friends? How long do you really plan on using it? Obviously, you shouldn’t get yourself a child’s tackle box. In fact, you shouldn’t get yourself the biggest possible box if you won’t be using it frequently or leasing it out.

For example, the smallest hard boxes are ideal for casual anglers as well as children. They help to store and arrange your lures well so you can see everything in one clear display. If you know that you are making a long-term purchase, always prefer to buy the bigger boxes that will accommodate your expanding collection of gear and lures. 

Size determines the storage space available as well as the number of compartments that a tackle box can offer. That is why a bigger tackle box is more preferable to skilled, experienced and specialized anglers. They offer more organization and improved efficiency. 


The two most common types of tackle boxes include hard and soft ones. Most anglers are way more familiar with hard boxes because soft tackle boxes are considerably a modern-day innovation. Hard boxes have been in existence for a long time now, and they offer many options in styles, sizes and convenience.

That doesn’t mean that soft tackle boxes aren’t as competitive. Actually, the two different types offer different features and advantages. They offer very different experiences, and it all boils down to an angler’s preferences. 

Tackle Boxes On Wheels:

They are hard boxes, and they are the first to market. Anglers are more conversant with this type of fishing equipment compared to soft boxes that are recent innovations. The hard boxes feature rigid structures that allow them to wheel easily for convenient transportation via one hand pulling or pushing. 

Main Advantages:

  • Allow angler to keep both hands free
  • Help to stay well organized while storing fishing gear within easy reach

This fishing tool is great for helping anglers to stay organized. It features all the considerations required for excellent fishing, and by simply arranging your gear and other apparatus, you can tell if you have forgotten anything. It also allows you to remember the exact location where you store every tool that you require for easy retrieval. 

  • Have years of proven performance

These tackle boxes on wheels, whether of plastic or metal construction, have been in use for the longest time possible. For the outstanding long time of impeccability and efficient service, most anglers always remain loyal to these boxes. 

  • Extremely durable

Indeed, hard tackle boxes offer more durability and longevity. They are often put in the back of pickups and taken through some rough, off-road commutes. Regardless, they not only sustain the condition of the components stored inside of them, but they also withstand the rough handling. This is because manufacturers are always trying to improve on the rigidity by introducing certain chemical components into the plastic like resin. In fact, the mark of excellent boxes is the ability to last a lifetime. 

  • Have worm proof trays that protect lures

Hard tackle boxes often provide numerous fold-out compartments that are used to store various lures such as live bait and plastic worms. While the sun and harsh temperatures can gradually melt or deform plastic bait, this type of tackle boxes manages to regulate the internal temperature of the components that it stores. 

  • Have a waterproof design

You definitely need your tools to remain dry and functional. They feature the study construction of hard plastic that doesn’t permeate moisture into the interior compartments. The heavy duty plastic and the latches and hinges make it easily accessible when open but impossible for water to leak in. You are likely to still have your equipment dry even if it falls into the ocean while inside your hard box. 

  • Top-loading compartments in hard cases provide additional storage

They also provide extra storage space where you can carry some extra stuff that you may find important to you. Maybe you need some extra space for your map, reels, spools, and compass, stopwatch or reading glasses. The great thing is that this type of tackle box is considerably designed to allow that extra space in the top-loading compartments. 

  • Easy to store

This type of tackle box is easy to store mainly because of its longevity and durability. You do not have to always carry it with you all the time to preserve the condition of its components. The fact that they can be wheeled also makes them easy to carry. This is because they do not weigh you down like large shoulder tackle bags. 

Main Disadvantages:

  • Heavy

Tackle boxes comprise or rigid structures and hard compartment walls that make it heavier than soft tackle bags are. They are unnecessarily heavy, and they make off-road walks on untarmacked paths difficult. However, the weight is often neutralized by the wheels that make the boxes easier to tag along by dragging and wheeling. 

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Why Some Anglers Prefer Soft Tackle Boxes Instead

  • Lightweight construction

The advantages that come with the boxes on wheels are obvious and empowering. However, some of the modern-day anglers prefer mobility and lightweight boxes. That is the main reason, among many others, for some anglers to prefer soft shoulder tackle boxes over the hard ones. The hard tackle boxes may cover all the bases required for storing and packing numerous types of tackle, lures and bait. However, the soft ones can do that as well while providing liberating mobility and convenience.

Basically, soft tackle bags aren’t even boxes because they replace the hard plastic or metal shell with a soft fabric at the exterior and inner compartment borders. They are ideal for anglers who may not have the luxury of dropping their equipment for rest every time they feel like it.

  • Flexible and easy to store

The best thing about fabric is that it is flexible. The rigidity of hard tackle boxes doesn’t allow for storage space maximization. Therefore, when you need to cram some extra stuff into your tackle bag, the flexibility allows you to wiggle them right in. However, the hard tackle boxes wouldn’t allow that because of the rigidity that isn’t very space-efficient.

  • Extra storage pockets

Simply put, soft storage bags simply offer more storage space than hard tackle boxes possibly can. Off course, there is the consideration of sizes, but if that held constant, then soft tackle bags just have more storage space to offer.

One of the main sources of extra space that soft tackle bags enjoy is the exterior pockets. When they tackle box is filled with tackle, bait and lures from the interior, you can still use the exterior pockets that will simply bulge out a little. The extra space can allow you to carry water bottles, extra clothing items or additional tools.

  • Switch-out options

Soft tackle bags utilize removable utility boxes. Therefore, you only carry as many boxes as you require for every trip. Unlike hard tackle boxes that feature affixed trays or fold-out compartments, you can have as many specialized utility boxes for mixing and matching depending on the fishing style chosen for the day. Some come with the convenience of LED lighting in the interior and exterior for use in dark fishing expeditions.

  • Easy and comfortable to carry

Soft tackle bags aren’t as much of a bother as hard tackle boxes when it comes to transportation. They are extremely easy to carry, and they provide anglers with a much more comfortable carrying experience. They provide anglers with a padded carrying strap for extra comfort and convenience thus allowing for hands-free utility. They also achieve this by evenly distributing its weight across an angler’s shoulder and back.


Fishing is a very intimate activity for folks who do it for a living or in their free time. It is an activity that dads and moms like teaching their sons and daughters, and it’s been quite a popular leisure time getaway for a couple of centuries now. As time passes, innovation makes things easier. However, the best tools are often those that have proved useful throughout the times. That is why the debate over the preference for soft and hard tackle boxes lingers to date. 

It’s simply a matter of innovation pitted against solid traditional convenience. They have served the fishing fraternity for a long time now. As we continue to invent newer ways of organizing our fishing equipment and accessories, we should review a few aspects of fishing and the need for tackle boxes. 

Therefore, before deciding on the kind of equipment and boxes or bags to use, start by evaluating your fishing goals. Your style of fishing dictates the kind and quantity of gear and tackle you are going to be using. The market is filled with different kinds of tackle boxes and bags, and they are all specialized depending on the combination of tools and gear to be used while fishing. 

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