Why is Bass So Hard to Catch? – Things Each Angler Should Know

Why is Bass So Hard to Catch

It would be very wrong to make a list of the best sport fish on the planet without referring to the bass. This fish deserves that list not only because it is angler’s favorite but because it has been around for several decades. Bass are unique, catching them is exciting, and they taste great. However, good things don’t come easy. Capturing this fish is not as easy as catching a tilapia; and that begs the question: why are these fishes difficult to capture?

There might be many various reasons why one day bass are biting as mad and the other it’s hard to catch even a single one.Things that can make this fish stop biting might be: the types of lures used, weather condition, water temperature, and fishing pressure.

As an angler, you must note that it is impossible to fill your boat with bass every day you go fishing. Indeed, there would be some days where you would have to return home frustrated because you couldn’t capture anything. There are days when you would try all possible techniques, lures, reels, and rods and still end up catching nothing. In other words, there are days, probably lots of them, when capturing this fish may be as difficult as seeing the Devils Hole Pupfish. Fortunately, there is an explanation for this, and as we progress, you’ll find out.

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Why is Bass So Hard to Catch?

Just like the catfish and other popular fishes out there, a bass is an angler’s delight. This fish is not like one of those dull fishes that you catch with ease. They are good fighters which are one reason why they are exciting to capture. They have what it takes to offer you the thrills and spills needed to brighten up your day. Put simply, this fish is super amazing, and you would be missing out of several enjoyable experiences if you choose not to consider going after this fish. However, you must note that they aren’t easy to bag like the catfish and crappie.

When fishing for bass, there will be days when you’ll record substantial catch and will be days when you will wonder if all the basses have suddenly disappeared. As we move further, we will be addressing your concern or question regarding why it seems so difficult to capture this fish.

These fish learn, not like humans, but they learn, and this makes them hard to capture. They can learn how to detect danger and flee, or they can learn anything that doesn’t make capturing them seem like a piece of cake. Also, the difficulty in catching this fish can stem from some genetic alterations. And scientifically, the fact that this fish is hard to capture can also be as a result of fishing pressure which has been common for a while.

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How Do You Catch a Big Bass Consistently?

It is the dream of every angler to be successful. It is your dream to hit the water and return home with a huge catch that wows your family, including your neighbors. Such achievement can boost your prestige as an angler. But, there exist one problem and it is consistency. You see, capturing a huge bass today doesn’t guarantee that you’ll catch one tomorrow. However, with the right tips and hints, it is quite possible. You can capture this fish consistently if you know what to do when you go out to fish.

To capture giant bass consistently, you need to equip yourself with the appropriate tackle and fish in those dangerous areas. These fishes would likely hide in the thick of things. They will hide in the best cover probably far away from the dock or edges of weed lines.

If you want to capture those basses that make other anglers wish they were you, you’ll need to up your game. Of course, capturing a huge bass once in a while is very achievable, but to do so consistently, you need to do that which others wouldn’t do. Get hold of a good reel, possibly an Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel (You can check this reel on Amazon by clicking on This Link), and search thick covers and dangerous areas.

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How Do You Catch a Big Bass That Won’t Bite?

There is a lot of pride in catching a huge bass. You get to show the whole world your unique catch which is an obvious testament of your amazing fishing skills. However, it is one thing to capture a big bass that bites while it is another to capture one that doesn’t. Lots of anglers wish they knew how to capture a huge bass that won’t bite. To them, it is like talking to a deaf individual.

To catch a big bass that doesn’t bite, you need to adopt a different fishing approach. Make use of a big bait swimbait coupled with an Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel. A big bait swimbait will definitely catch the attention of the fish and would force it to bite, even if it isn’t hungry.

The bait you use matters when capturing this fish because you need the fish to bite to have any chances of capturing it. So if you use an ineffective bait, the fish will definitely end up ignoring your bait like it’s invincible. So if that big bass refuses to bite the best thing to do is to change the bait you are using and try something new like a big bait swimbait or a big bait glide bait.

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What is the Best Bait for Catching Bass?

To be successful in anything, you need to complement your effort with the best resources. For instance, if you want to excel in an exam, you need to complement your knowledge with the best resources. It is the same for bass fishing. You see, to be successful in capturing this fish, I mean lots of them, you need to complement your efforts with the best tackle. Bait is an essential component of a fishing tackle, so if you want to bag this fish in a way that makes you proud, you need to make use of the best bait. And that results in the question, what is the best bait for catching this fish?

The best bait for bass remains the bass jigs. These baits are quite effective thanks to their versatility. You can cover an extensive area of water regardless of the season with the aid of this bait. Also, they can penetrate areas that other lures can’t.

Bass jigs are considered as the best bait for capturing this fish thanks to the features they possess. This bait is quite attractive to this fish. In fact, they invite them to bite more than any bait out there. If you are really serious about capturing this fish, you would surely want to purchase this bait.

Are Largemouth Bass Easy to Catch?

The largemouth is the greatest of the black bass. This fish, which is a popular predator in the aquatic world, can grow to a max length of 97cm. The largemouth is a very popular gamefish, and one of the anglers favorite. If you haven’t caught this fish before, one major question you may want to ask is if catching them is easy. Knowing his will help you select the right tackle and strategize accordingly.

Largemouth is easy to catch provide you know what to do and the right tackles to use. Because these fish are aggressive, you’ll only need a good bait and an effective reel. Their aggressive nature will make them strike at lures even if they aren’t hungry, thus making them easy to catch.

When it comes to capturing largemouth, the fishing technique or lure you use may not be essential. A fish as aggressive as the largemouth will attack any lure not because it is hungry but because it’s their nature to attack. Of course, when they attack, they became hooked and will probably regret their actions. The fact that these fishes are easy to catch doesn’t mean that they would allow themselves to be caught easily. When hooked, expect lots of resistance from those fish. Expect lots of jumping, backflips and other wriggling movements. Always remember that this fish would not allow itself to be caught without a real fight.

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