The Best Fishing Line Spooler Which Does the Job Well – Few Picks

Best Fishing Line Spooler

While this tackle may not be the flashiest tool in your arsenal, an effective fishing line spooler can ensure that you don’t get frustrated while fishing. With this small but beneficial tool, you can finally say bye-bye to tangled lines which is one of angler’s major headache.

  • Piscifun Spooling Station System
  • Piscifun EZ
  • Plusinno
  • Shaddock
  • Berkley

Best Fishing Line Spooler Which Does the Job Well – Few Picks:

Piscifun Spooling station system

Piscifun Spooling Station System

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Piscifun is well known for their immense contribution towards the fishing industry thanks to the quality tackle they produce. This line spooler – a product of piscifun-is made of aluminum, thus making it light, compact and portable. It is equipped with an ABS plastic structure and this provides it with a pretty cool appearance. 

The piscifun spooling station system is quite easy to install and disassemble. It comes with a design that makes it multi-rotatable. This device can help anglers prevent one of their worst nightmares-line twists. It works well on smooth surfaces and wet areas thanks to the sticky suction cup located at the base. You can affix it on a table or on the ground, depending on which you prefer.

The line reel of this

device is secured by the spring-loaded tensioner which ensures that it remains well aligned; so you need not worry about it falling while casting. This line soppler can handle a reel that is around 2.6 inches thick. It has a bolt that can be used to adjust the tension. With this bolt, you can tighten the line or loosen it, depending on how you want it to be. 


  • This device weighs 12.4 ounces
  • It has a spooler that is made of high strength graphite frame which can be disassembled
  • It can handle up to 2.6-inches of the thickness of a spool. If you decide to use a thicker spool, it is recommended that you adjust the device to strike a balance. 
  • The package includes a 1 X fishing line winder. 
  • It is equipped with a wheel fastener situated above that can be adjusted depending on whether you are winding a bait cater reel or a spinning reel. 


  • It allows anglers to have a line that is free of knots
  • It allows an angler to achieve the desired and even line tension
  • It makes winding very easy and fast
  • Thanks to this product, angler can fish more without having tangled lines


  • It is slightly more expensive 
  • You need to handle it with great care to avoid damages

Piscifun ez fishing line spooler

Piscifun EZ

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Here is another amazing product from piscifun. This line spooler is made of composite fiber, therefore making it light weight and durable. It is very easy to mount and install and is user-friendly. Due to its lightweight and portability, you carry this device anywhere. This spooler is also versatile for both thick and thin rods. 

The clamp of this device can secure the rod blank from 0.2-1.1 inch in diameter. If you have a fishing rod blank that is 0.2-o.6in/5-15mm in diameter, then it is recommended that you use the CONVEX surface of securing lever. While if your rod blank is 0.6-1.1in/15-28mm in diameter, it is recommended that you make use of the CONCAVE surface.

As an angler, this device offers you the best and easiest way to spool line by yourself. It can effectively keep the line in the spool to your reel in a professional manner. Assembling with the sucker, you can spool on the even surface, like glass, tiled floor, etc. While assembling with the aid of the rod clip, you can directly spool the reel on your rod to spend little amount of time for winding action. 


  • It has a clamping range of 0-5.7in/145mm.
  • Max width of the spools can be up to 5.5in/140mm
  • Adaptable to a variety of reels such as spinning reel, baitcasting reel, round reel, spincast reel, including trolling reel etc. 
  • It has a line spooler clamp that can secure the rod blank from 0.2-1.1inch in diameter. 


  • This device is very portable and durable
  • Offers you two ways to wind your line
  •  Works with both large and small spools


  • The 2 1/ 2 line spool doesn’t allow the spool to turn freely

SLMOZKA Fishing line spooler


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This line spooler comes with a compact and lightweight structure. It is quite cheap and it incorporates an easy to detach and install system to give room for correct line fitting. On the other end, the multi rotational aluminum spool holder is made to stop one of anglers nightmares-line twists and tangles. It also has a spring loaded tension which ensures that spooling is equal.

This device is made of strong materials such as aluminum and rubber and is about 6.7in in height. Here is a winder that has a compact and lightweight design and has an approximate weight of 4.3 oz, making it quite easy to carry and install. 

The SLMOZKA line spooler also has a sturdy vacuum suction cup. This cup mounts well on any even and smooth surface. If you wish to get a tighter grip, what you have to do is to wet the bottom.

 The fish line spool functions best with diameters lower than 0.98 inches. It also has a spool line holder that is made to turn in several directions, and is equipped with a spring-loaded tension to ensure that line twist is avoided. In using this device, it is paramount you note that the tension has to be on point; if it is too tight it will pull off irrespective of the surface. If the tension is too loose, it will not spool well. 


  • Fully adjustable, line tensioner control, modifiable spool width control 
  • Multi rotate spool holder prevents line twist
  • It is compact and lightweight thus you can always remove the installation whenever you want
  • Made of metal materials 


  • It is equipped with spring loaded tensions for even spooling
  • It has a multi-rotational spool holder to stop line twisting including tangling
  • It is affordable 
  • It comes with a string suction cup that easily attached to flat or smooth surfaces


  • Tension applied should be appropriate 
  • It rotates better in one direction than the other direction 

THKFISH fishing line spooler


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This durable, sturdy, and powerful line winder is one of its kind. It features a clamp and comes with other thrilling features. This device would certainly excite any angler due to the fact that it is easy to use and assemble. The THKFISH is probably the best line spooler out there which is hard to loose, is fast and quite easy to entangle. With an in-built anti-slip mat, the clip is very stable and is not easy to lose. It also has a clamp that is powerful and can secure up to the stress of the line drag.

You can affix the clamp on your table, workbench, tailgate, etc. This winder simply makes fishing stress-free, enjoyable, and better. 

This device is definitely a must-have for all anglers. It has multiple uses; this means that whether you are at home, in a boat, truck, or anywhere, you can simply pull out this device and use it. The THKFISH is also very portable and can be installed anywhere that you can affix it to. It isn’t restricted to flat or smooth surfaces, and tends to offer you a good grip by clamping it at the edge of a chair, desk, etc. 

This spool has an adjustable maximum thickness. Its max thickness which is 6.2 cm/2.44in is easily adjustable, thus making fishing quite easy and convenient. This device also has a C-clamp that can be affixed to your table, workbench, tailgate, etc. 


  • Comes with an adjustable maximum thickness 
  • Stable, strong, and durable 
  • Has a built-in anti-slip mat


  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is equipped with a sturdy clamp 
  • It comes with an anti-slip mat that works well


  • Sometimes, the spring loosen up

Plusinno fishing line spooler


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This device is primarily made up of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and ABS plastic. It is quite easy to use; it is very strong and portable for storage. It is also very versatile, thus making it quite compatible with baitcasting reels, spinning reels, including trolling reels. This is a necessary gear for individuals who cherish fishing.

Irrespective of who you are, be it a novice angler, or a professional angler; this line winder can make you enjoy fishing.  This device also boasts of multiple uses. Whether you are at home, in kayaks or boats, you can easily make use of this tool. You can take it with you regardless of where you go and get it in hand anytime provided it is in your car. 

The plusinno fishing line winder is compact and very easy to assemble. It comes in an attractive body and it is also equipped with an adjustable clamp. This device is well worth the money thanks to the thrilling features it boasts of. It has a standard reel seat, so you can go ahead and affix your baitcaster, spinning, or fly reel without having to hold your reel in your hand. This product also comes with two sets of collars. It has as simple drag adjuster which can be used to make sure that the line is being winded onto your reel under tension. Just like most fishing line winder, this device discards the need for a second person to assist you in adding line to your reel.


  • It is compact and lightweight 
  • Very portable 
  • It has a clamp which is easily adjustable 
  • A well-engineered quality built product 
  • Compatible with variety of reels such as baitcaster reel, spinning reel, flyreel, and trolling reels


  • It is of high-quality
  • Very portable and lightweight 
  • Ideal for all anglers 
  • Comes with a set of accessories


  • The rod for mounting the line reels is too big in diameter 
  • Not ideal for saltwater reel

Shaddock Fishing line spooler


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Shaddock fishing line winder offer anglers the easiest way to spool fishing line by their self. It functions very well with all varieties of reels such as spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and trolling reels. This is a line winder that is made of engineered quality, high strength graphite frame, light and strong. Here is a product that fits a variety of rods with diameters between 0.19” and 1.1”. Adjusting this device for diverse spool sizes is quite easy. It also has a clamping range of 0-5.71”. 

With this device, you don’t have to make use of a pencil neither do you need the help of a second person to hold the spool. This product makes putting on line quick and interesting. It is not bulky; in fact, this unit is of lightweight. Because it is lightweight, you can carry it about without feeling much. It is equipped with tension knobs which ensures that your line remains tight to the reel and the spinning feature will discard your line twists. Assembling this device is also very easy; it requires just a few simple steps to assemble. 

The shaddock is sturdy and durable thanks to the materials it is made of. It lasts long and rarely shows signs of rust or deformation. Another amazing feature of this device is that it is versatile for both thick and thin rods. It can retain the rod blank from 0.2-1.1 inch in diameter. If you have a fishing rod bank of 0.2-0.6in/5-15mm, make use of the convex surface locking level. While if your fishing rod bank is 0.6-1.1in/15-28mm in diameter, make use of the concave surface of locking lever.  


  • It is made of fiberglass with carbon
  • It weighs 250g
  • Can be used for all varieties of reels be it baitcasting reels, spinning reels and trolling reels


  • User-friendly 
  • Lightweight 
  • Saves time 
  • Easy to carry around
  • Suitable for all kinds of water conditions


  • It isn’t suitable for bulky lines

Berkley portable fishing line spooler


You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on This Link.

This amazing line winder makes filling baitcast including spinning reels with line an easy process. Inline spooling with the aid of adequate tension helps discard line twist, because the line loads well onto your reel.

The Berkley portable line spooling station has the ability to handle a huge variety of spool sizes up to 3000 yds. The reel mounts easily into the cradle, and then ejects easily when done. The added spinning reel attachment mounts at an angle of 90° for an ideal inline spooling. 

This device comes in a compact design as well as a hang tab for easy storage (wall or cabinet). It also boast of a more powerful motor to rapidly eliminate old fishing line for re-spooling. It can hold up to 1/4lb spool. 


  • Can spool your reel easily in no time
  • Equipped with an handy table-top unit
  • Can be easily adjusted for a variety of spool sizes
  • Compatible with most casting and spinning reels
  • Easily reel mounting and release
  • Comes in a compact design with handy tab
  • Can accommodate most fishing line spools of up to 3,000 yds.


  • It is lightweight and portable 
  • Can be modified to accommodate several spool sizes


  • Isn’t made of a durable material 

While this tackle may not be the flashiest tool in your arsenal, an effective line spooler can ensure that you don’t get frustrated while fishing. With this small but beneficial tool, you can finally say bye-bye to tangled lines- which is one of angler’s major headache.

Some anglers out there may prefer using a pencil to get the job done, the professionals and wise anglers know how stress-free and effective the use of a line spooler is.  Of course- to an extent- a pencil can get the job done, but a line spooler makes the job very easy. 

Enjoy Your Trip:

One thing you should know is that, performing this job manually often result in tangles, twists, and knots. So even if using a pencil can do the job without having to spend much, a line spooler can execute the job effectively and with ease. To enjoy your time out on the water fishing, it is advised that you arm yourself with the appropriate tackle. One of such tackle is the line spooler and others are: fish finder with GPS, a telescopic rod or the casual rod, a good lure and bait, an effective spinning reel, etc.

If you go fishing without taking the right tackle, there is a huge possibility that you would end up not enjoying your trip. As an angler, the amount of fishes you capture is what makes a fishing trip a success. If you fail to record substantial catch, then it is appropriate to say that your trip was a failure. A fishing rod holder would also come handy for individuals who love fishing with a boat, a kayak, or any type of vessel. This device or tool helps in securing the poles to the boat when on the water. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose one of your priced assets to the depth of the sea.

With the descriptions/ reviews mentioned above, you can select any fishing line winder that suits you and your fishing needs.  

Having briefed you on some of the best line winders out there, it is best we hone your knowledge a bit. In this next section, you will be briefed on some important details regarding line winders. These significant information will help you know more about line winders. Irrespective of how long you have been fishing, or how well you know this tackle, you will definitely learn one or two things in this section. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the read. First, we are going to start with “How do you use a fishing line winder?”

How To Use a Line Spooler? 

A fishing line winder is not complicated: thus, using it is quite easy. To use this tool, you have to know how it works and the functions of various components of the tool. Because this device doesn’t come with any complicated button or components, you can decide to explore it a little. After some exploration, it is possible that you will learn a few things regarding the functions of some of its components and how it operates. Now, using it is quite different from learning how it works. We will talk about how it works in the next section. 

Let’s delve into how to put this tool into use. Spooling fishing line into your reel can be a challenging task, and you may require the help of a person when tensioning the spool so that you get the perfect spooling. With the aid of a device like a fishing line winder, you can wind the fishing reel by yourself and still attain the ideal desired spooling.

Below is how to use this device:


  • Put your reel on the reel seat and secure it into position. Ensure that it is well secured. 
  • Mount the 90 degree rod 
  • Clamp each side of your spool of line onto the ball joint
  • The next thing to do is to modify or adjust the clamp tension
  • Open your reel bail, draw the line and tie a knot on your reel’s spool.
  • Tighten the drag of your fishing reel for better tension and spool up your reel to the fishing line you want it 
  • First, tie a few line on the reel
  • Loosen the top screw cap when the rotor can self-spin
  • Start drawing the line to your reel 

Yes! Using the best spooler of yours is that easy and straightforward. This device can be utilized with both wide and narrow spools of monobraided, or fluorocarbon line. Most are compatible with an extensive array of reel sizes, ranging from the smallest ultralight spinner to the strongest trolling reel. 

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