Red Drum Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

Red Drum Kayak Fishing Tips

In this article, we’ll be giving you some of the best red drum kayak fishing tips. Kayaking has become very popular in recent years as it is environmentally friendly and cheap to acquire. There are other methods, but that is something to discuss in other articles.

Kayak fishing is a different ball game. It is nothing like catching reds on a fancy boat or fishing for them from the shore. This method of capturing reds requires optimum skill, how-to knowledge, and information about your prey.

The red drum fishing tips while kayaking we’ll be introducing are:

  • Tackles to use for kayak fishing
  • Where to fish
  • When to fish
  • Four ways to catch reds using kayaks

Kayak fishing is fun if you know what to do. As a beginner, you’ll have to learn, and we are here to guide you in the right path to becoming a pro angler while kayaking for reds. Keep the focus as we unveil some valuable tips to you.

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Red Drum Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners:

Redfish enjoy shallow water, kayaks as well. It is just like a competition created in salty, bent-rod heaven. And most times, what the guys on huge fancy boats can do is to curse you for catching their fish. The exciting thing about this method of fishing is that you can launch your little kayak anywhere you please. It’s quite portable, so it doesn’t require hauling of any sort.

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Kayaks are light, versatile, tranquil, and cheap if you know the market well. This type of fishing vessel is effective for catching reds. You see, one amazing thing about reds is that you can catch them in several ways, and they are always available all year long. During winter, the water becomes cooler, terminating a few of the algae inhabiting the water to make it a little clearer. At this point, you can kayak quietly in the shallow water of the creeks where you’ll discover schools of reds swimming by the bottom. Summer is the best time to look out for tailing reds on little grass flats.

Red drum caught from a kayak

Kayak fishing is all about the knowledge and less about the boat. If you have the best kayak fishing vessel with little knowledge on how to use it to capture reds, you’ll be stranded on the water. In addition, the tackle you use matters. So ensure you get hold of one of the best red drum fishing rods (factors to look at when choosing one are provided in this article), baits, etc. for kayak fishing. As we move further, we’ll be delving some secrets to become successful.

Tackles to use for Reds while Kayak Fishing:


The tackle you use here will determine your catch rate. When targeting reds, most anglers often go for spinning equipment. A seven-foot medium rod combined with a 2500 size spinning reel is ideal for targeting reds.

Ensure that the reel is spooled with 10-20 pound braid and a five-foot section of fifteen-pound fluorocarbon should be affixed to the primary line with the aid of an Albright or FG knot.

When affixing a lure to the fluorocarbon, you can make use of a non-slip mono knot; the loop knot gives the lure optimum mobility.


Beginners are often confused when it comes to bait section. When fishing with this vessel, it is advised that you make use of either dead shrimp, cut mullets (reds favorite), or quartered blue crabs. In addition, live shrimps underneath a popping cork are effective for enticing reds. Fiddler crabs or hermit crabs extracted from their armor are effective as well. Reds are not fussy, simply present the bait and there is a huge chance that he’ll eat it.

Remember, when it comes to targeting reds with kayak, it is not all about using one of the best red drum reels (you can explore the best ones for reds here), but using the right reel for the occasion.


The area you choose to fish will determine the lure you use. However, begin with soft plastics, spoons, including top water baits. Bass lures are ok if it’s what you have.

Where to Fish for Reds?

So where do you catch reds when fishing with a kayak? We’ll there is no general answer for this. You simply have to figure out where to find this fish in your area. Anyone skilled at catching fish from a boat should know, without hesitation, where to find success in a kayak.

Kayaking for red drum

However, as a beginner, you need to start searching for that sweet spot before you hit the water. You can do this by doing extensive research. Contact biologists, the right state fish, and wildlife agency, pro anglers, including local bait shops for insight. In addition, you can also make use of Google satellite images to locate points, drop-offs, mangroves, channels, seagrass, oyster beds, potholes, including other lucrative areas. Merge them as a kayak route and link them up with potential access areas. Afterwards, take a look at tide charts, study the wind and weather.

Do all you can to get your facts right so when you eventually hit the water, you’ll find yourself in redfish zone. Always recall that redfish mobile. They go after baits. So, be prepared.

When to Fish for Reds?

To record success when fishing for reds in a kayak, you must ensure that you know when to go out there and fish. When is the best time to fish? It actually differs per location. The best way to find out is by getting out there. Or if you have a mentor, you can go ahead and ask. He or she would be happy to give you the assistance you need.

Slack tides are certainly not ideal for fishing. High tides, on the other hand, may scare reds into the grass where they target anything alive. Falling tides, however, might send red drums charging to escape a waning shallow, and consuming anything they come across. Low tides may push them into openings like potholes surrounded water too shallow to navigate. Anything could occur. So, the only way to discover the best time to fish for your specific area is to get out and fish. Don’t let the tides prevent you from fishing. However, keep an eye out for falling tides and ensure that you don’t get stranded.

Three Ways to Catch Reds Using Kayaks:

Soaking bait:

If you really want to catch reds, you have to consider this approach. You can fish using a chunk of dead mullet, a piece of crab, a live shrimp, including any of the bait mentioned above.

Sight Casting:

Shallow water redfish are cautious as a hook-spurred gobbler. Fishing for them in shallow water has a lot to do with your hunting, fishing and trick shooting skills. Stand in the kayak to get the best view. Be steady and quiet. Adopt a light line. If you have a brightly colored paddle blade, use a drab sock to conceal it. Locate the fish. Select one, possibly the biggest. The next step is easy. Be aware of the tide, wind, fish speed, boat speed, casting speed, lure weight, trajectory, the direction of the fish, your silhouette, rotation of the earth, sun position, then place the lure in its path.

It takes a keen survey to acquire the game eye for reds. As you do, keep an eye out for more than whole fish in singles and schools. Keep an out for pieces. Look out for the standard dots on the tail. Keep your eyes peeled for wakes, bait sprays, copper flashes, bait balls, mullet leaping—diving grass, etc. In addition, keep an eye out for reds trailing rays. With the aid of good sunglasses and a sky-coloured shirt, you can spot reds before they spot you. When you finally set eyes on a redfish, drop your lure a little distance away from the fish as quiet as possible. Afterwards, work it to its lips.

Pursuing beds:

This may sound funny, but you can catch reds with the aid of birds. You see, the game of fishing is a game of hide-and-seek. So, make use of all the cues you can find. If you sight birds working, there are chances that reds are around. Don’t hesitate, make use of this advantage.


As a beginner, things can be hard. However, with the right level of determination, you will experience a rapid turnaround. Fishing for reds in a kayak can be exciting; but, what is more exciting is recording a substantial catch.

Once you learn the nitty-gritty of how to catch redfish in a kayak, the next step is practice. Go out there and see things for yourself. Of course, because you are just starting, things wouldn’t be rosy at first. There will be days when you’ll catch nothing and days when you catch a few reds. However, don’t give up.

The tips mentioned above should help you overcome some hurdles you may face as you step into the world of catching reds in a kayak. However, don’t solely depend on this guide. Read further, and you’ll be surprised and how much you can learn. Cheers to your success in advance!

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