Lowrance Hook 7 Fish Finder Review and Great Tips on Usage

Lowrance Hook 7

Lowrance is a very popular brand in the marine sector. This internationally known brand invented the prime consumer sonar device in the year 1957Ever since then, Lowrance has upped its reputation in fishing gadgets such as fish finders, GPS units and digital mapping, producing a large array of tackle for the boating and fishing market. Amongst the large variety of fish finders that Lowrance has produced, Lowrance Hook 7 Fish Finder is one of the best. Keep reading to find out why.

Before we delve into a review of this amazing fishfinder, it is best we fill you in on some crucial information about this fishfinder. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

It is a remarkable fishfinder, thanks to its unique features. Experienced anglers are quite aware of how popular and effective Lowrance products are. Fish finders from this brand are often of the best quality and this produce is a testament to that fact.

As an angler, be it a novice angler or an experienced one, the tackles you use while fishing will determine if you will be successful or not. Therefore, it is paramount that you take the best tackle with you when embarking on a fishing trip. It is no doubt a fishfinder you should equip yourself with when embarking on a fishing adventure and this guide states why.

Lowrance Hook 7 Fish Finder Review And Tips On Usage:

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It is a fishfinder every angler wants to have among his or her tackles. This is a fishfinder that boast of the best features of all lowrance fish finders. Imagine a car being equipped with the best features of other spectacular car models like the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Benz, Bugatti, etc. Yes, that picture in your mind is exactly how the hook – 7 HDI fishfinder is. It is the boss of all Lowrance fish finders! Won’t you want to lay your hands on such fishfinder? I bet you want to.

Those amazing features that helps anglers maximize every iota of time spent on the water are incorporated in this fishfinder. This fishfinder makes use of compressed High-intensity radiated pulse (CHIRP) tech. This technology is similar to the sonar and radar tech that the military has adopted for several years.

CHIRP is effective for fishing and this is because it can process and display two-dimensional sonar in a very detailed and accurate way even better than standard sonar. This is due to the fact that CHIRP operates at diverse frequencies. Since no two objects reflect the same frequency, CHIRP tech offers the best display of different objects, fish, including the structures beneath your boat.

CHIRP technology is also much better because it gives you the opportunity to view not just the sizes of the fish underneath, but your bait and the reaction of the fishes to the baits you use. This technology is effective for a range of 1,000 feet. It also uses Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI). The HDI merges two of Lowrance’s previous tech, which are the Broadband Sounder and the DownScan imaging. The Broadband sounder has the ability to indicate small fishes better. On the other hand, the DownScan imaging can provide a detailed picture-like view of the lake base and its structure. For a depth of around 3,000 feet, the DownScan is ideal.

This unique fishfinder also boast of several thrilling technological features like the DownScan overlay and the TrackBack. With the DownScan overlay, you can easily differentiate a fish from a structure. However, with the TrackBack feature, you can retrace your path by simply looking at your sonar history.

Fishfinder Lowrance

Here is the best part of this device: it is GPS enabled and is equipped with a pre-loaded United State base map that has 3,000 lakes including rivers and coastal contours to 1,000 feet. If you wish to have a map that contains more details, you can purchase an SD card and include any of the following:

  • Navionics Gold
  • HotMaps Premium
  • Fishing Hotspots PRO
  • Jeppesen C-Map
  • Max-N Wide Charts

If you decide to upgrade the maps as soon as you buy the unit, you will spend less compared to when you decide to upgrade it later. Creating your own map from sonar data is quite easy with this fishfinder. You can easily create your map with the aid of Insight Genesis.

Lowrance Usability And Design:

Because this fishfinder is crammed with several technological abilities, learning how to use it is quite easy. With various options, there is a certain level of difficulty. But, with constant practice and a little exploration, the designs, options, including its interface are easy to use. This device boast of a seven inch high definition that has an amazing display. It also has a brightness adjustment which enables you to modify the brightness settings as lightning conditions fluctuates. It also comes with a simple interface which is also relatively intuitive.

The buttons are similar to the normal TV remote you use at home. It has a well-labeled menu and page selector buttons; and with its cursor arrows, you can easily navigate your cursor.

Unlike some fish finders out there that are crammed with several buttons, it has little buttons thus making it quite easy to operate. Also, with the state-of-the-arts signal processing of this device, you can view details underneath you with little manual changes.


  • Crisp Lowrance-exclusive 7-inch back-lit color display
  • User-friendly interface
  • CHIRP sonar for excellent target segregation and less clutter
  • Downscan imaging for images (photo-like) of the base and structures
  • Downscan overlay to view CHIRP scans overlaid on downcan imagery


  • It has a 7-inches sharp display
  • It is equipped with CHIRP sonar for multiple frequencies at just one signal
  • Comes with DownScan Imaging
  • Comes with Downscan Overlay as well
  • Equipped with an in-built GPS antenna


  • Not very easy to get accustomed to

How To Use Lowrance?

As stated in the brief description, it is easy to use provided you take time to explore its functions and options. In operating this device, you have to understand that the size of a submerged object would seem unusual that it’s real size. If you identify a submerged fish, you might see it differently and this hinges on the:

  • Water depth
  • Fishfinder sensitivity

Also, you can evaluate the fish dimension when you see the fish arch or a certain color and thickness.

Understanding The Down Scan:

To use this device effectively, it is important that you understanding the imaging shown on the fishfinder because it will help showcase the target. It is crucial you note that:

  • Differentiating between the fish and weeds might be hard because they look identical
  • If you understand the sonar, you will enjoy this device more
  • Weeds don’t appear like clusters and fishes are displayed as clustered mass affixed to the sea floor.

Understanding The Scan:

The side scan of this fish finder provides you with an unusual experience. You must however note that you will be faced with some challenges. For example:

  • Your preys will have more cover when you the sea bed is rocky
  • You will clearly see the fishes when you have a seabed void of rocks

Understanding The 3D Structure Scan

If your prey is suspended in the water, you can easily track it thanks to this feature. It has these benefits:

  • It helps you see your prey clearly in the water column
  • If it is toward the side, you can track the fish position

This device is equipped with a mode (the ease of use mode) which provides you with all necessary information. You can activate this mode with a single click.

Lowrance Trackback:

With this feature, you can go back in time and see those objects that vanished in the memory. You can also monitor fish movement and capture it right in time with this feature.

Big Arch:

The huge arch on the sonar (which can appear on your screen sometimes) can be a bit tricky to decipher. On some occasions, the blue arch is displayed as a bait ball or comes in an abstract form that is not really visible.

Insight Genesis:

To have a clear idea of the contour map, simply activate this feature. With a feature like this you will reap the following benefits:

  • You will have a good insight of the bottom lakes
  • You will be provided with a good picture of the bed of the water body
  • Because the app is encrypted, you map is totally safe.

Lowrance Structure Map:

Via carbon and HDS, you can easily access this map. If you feel like sharing it with anyone, you can do so by virtue of hook. For anglers who have sonar logged on with a side scan, you can move it and activate it in the form of map with the aid of ReefMaster.

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