How Do You Use a Baitcaster Rod?

Baitcasting rod

Most anglers make use of traditional spinning gear because the baitcasting rod isn’t that easy to use. With time these set of individuals switch from the traditional spinning gear to the baitcasting after learning how to use it properly.

  • Find The Location Of Your Braking System
  • Adjust Your Braking System
  • Adjust The Tension Knobs
  • Test Your Tension
  • Hold Your Baitcaster
  • Release Your Line
  • Release Your Spool And Cast

How Do You Use a Baitcaster Rod?

Find The Location Of Your Braking System:

The braking system is that element which reduces the spinning of the spool at the initial instance when you release the bait. The braking system helps to prevent backlash, which takes place when the spool rotates more than the ejecting line.

Assuming you are adopting a centrifugal braking system for this guide; find the braking system on the baitcaster and remove the side plate just opposite the handle of the reel. And if you are adopting an alternate system, which is the magnetic braking system, you basically have to modify the knob.

Adjust Your Braking System:

To do this, you can either engage your breaks by driving the inner levers forward, or you can disengage them by driving the braking levers far away from the middle. Disengaging your brakes enables you to make long casts, but by so doing, you’ll be more prone to backlash.

Adjust The Tension Knobs:

You can find the tension knobs located on the same side as the reel handle. This part of a baitcaster helps raise the tension being transmitted to the spool. Tension knobs play a significant role at the end of your cast. If you wish to tighten your tension knob, rotate the knob clockwise; you can as well release it by rotating it anti-clockwise.

Your tension knob should be adjusted with respect to the weight you are adopting for baitcasting.

Test Your Tension:

To put your tension to test, start by holding the end of your rod. Disengage by activating the release button of the spool; this button is situated at the end of your spool. Modify your tension knob until you observe that the bait has fallen gently to the ground without any signs of a backlash.

Hold Your Baitcaster:

To hold your baitcaster properly, grasp your prevalent hand around the handle of the rod and the reel. Ensure that your thumb is placed on the spool eject button and the spool. This ensures that you make a proper cast by disengaging your spool.

Release Your Line:

Ejecting the appropriate amount of line will ensure that you make a perfect cast. For a novice, i recommend that you allow about 8-12 inches of the line to hang loose prior casting. Ensure that you measure the line from the top of the rod to the bait.

Release Your Spool And Cast:

You can eject your spool by activating the spool eject button, and quickly placing your hand on the spool so that the line won’t run aggressively. For a casting strategy, do whatever you have in mind.

Always remember to use a heavy break when starting, this will ensure that you make shorter casts which are quite comfortable. You will also want to change hands post-casting so that you can reel with your prevalent hand. Immediately you get comfortable; you can start more experiments; this will result in improvements.

Using the baitcaster:

Using the baitcaster comes with lots of experience and a certain level of confidence. As a newbie angler, who wishes to be more productive in his/her fishing endeavors, you don’t have to stick with the easy-to-use traditional spinning gear when you can have the more effective baitcaster.

Right now, imagine the baitcaster as the most user-friendly equipment you have ever came across. It all depends on your mindset. If your mind is already set that this fishing gear would turn out to be challenging to use, then, you’ll discover that it’ll eventually be difficult for you.

Of course, it’s no rumour that baitcaster is more complicated to use, compared to the spinning reels. But one of the numerous advantages the baitcaster has over the spinning reels is that they are very versatile. For instance, a typical traditional spinning reel may not be handy when bass fishing, but a bass fishing baitcaster will undoubtedly do the trick when bass fishing, compared to a traditional spinning reel. The technology of this fishing equipment enables them to make quicker casts.

With baitcasters, you’ll observe that your casting time will be increased, and you’ll reel in more fishes. You mostly see baitcasters being used by professional anglers because they have the required experience to wield this equipment. As a beginner, or a novice angler, you can as well learn how to use this equipment; it all boils down to your determination and how badly you need this knowledge. Baitcasters aren’t quite expensive as you would have imagined.

Good Baitcasters at an Affordable Price:

You can get good baitcasters at an affordable price, and there exist several effective baitcasting rods under $100. I have provided a great list of affordable baitcasters which in my opinion are the best. Check them out here.

Due to the plethora moving parts found on this baitcaster, e.g. hard-to-grasp parts like the tension knob and the braking system, most anglers, majorly beginners, always have problems using this equipment. Some anglers also have issues with backlash which happens when the spool of the baitcaster spins faster than the quantity of line that is being ejected, leading to a disordered mess of line “birdnesting” in your spool.

If you are looking at making a switch to a baitcaster, you may have some reservations, it’s not bad. Are the benefits of this fishing gear worth learning an entire new reeling system? Why do I keep on experiencing backlash and birdnesting? If I eventually can’t stop backlash and birdnesting, am I increasing my water coverage and casting efficiency? These are the valid questions, and truth be told, improper baitcasting will reduce your productivity. But, trust me, if you use this fishing gear effectively, it will undoubtedly boost your fishing game. That’s why I decide to create this guide. If you wish to enhance your angling abilities and prevent misuse, you should meticulously consider this guide.

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