Why do Catfish Bite at Night? – Interesting Facts not Many Know About

Night Fishing

Only those who have in-depth knowledge about catfish and the techniques used in catfishing will end up becoming professionals in the field. As an aspiring catfishing professional, what you know about cats will come in handy when you hit the water. For instance, it isn’t a rumor that cats bite at night; however, only a few anglers out there know why. Of course, it may seem like you don’t have to know why, but I assure you that knowing specific behavioral patterns of cats is key to capturing them.

Catfish bite at night because it is the moment they move from deeper water to shallow water in search of food. The night is usually calm, thus the perfect time for prey to move around without being seen or disturbed and the ideal time for cats to target them. Mind you; cats also feed in the day, however, they do this at the bottom of water bodies.

During the day, catfish prefer to stay deep down in the water. But, at night these fishes come to shallow water in search of their daily bread. Most anglers often target cats at night not only because they bite at that time but also because night fishing is an incredible experience.

Below, we’ll be taking a look at some interesting topics regarding catfish nightlife.

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Why do Catfish Bite at Night?

All anglers want to know the best time to catch catfishes. No one wants to hit the water and toil all day without anything tangible to show for it. This also applies to anglers who target catfish. Some anglers are very aware that cats bite at night, but only a few know why. Knowing why cats bite at night maybe that breakthrough you need in drafting an ideal technique to catch more cats.

Catfish are not a picky eater; they also have a good appetite, which means they most times search for what to eat. At night, cats migrate from their deep dark abode to shallow waters so as to find something to eat. This doesn’t mean that cats only eat at night. A catfish eats whenever it wants to, regardless of the time.

Cats feed at the bottom and act accordingly. Like other bottom feeders, daytime is the period to rest, look for protective structures, cooler waters, and steer clear from angling pressure. At night, catfish often leave their abode and can be seen in shallow waters.

A catfish will keep on eating chicken liver, cheese bait, nightcrawlers, including dip baits and stinkbait at night. You should select those baits when catfishing at night. Have it in mind that channel catfish are quite mobile at night.

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When do Catfish Bite Best at Night?

As an angler who is passionate about catching fish like cats, there are several things you must know. For instance, it is said that cats bite at night, right? But do you know the precise time they bite? Not knowing this may make you stay longer in the water with little to show for your immense effort and commitments. With that being said, when do cats bite best at night?

Cats bite around an hour before sunset throughout the night till about 2 hours after sunset. Catfish will come out from their hiding places where they are usually holed up in and migrate to shallow water looking for bluegill, perch, including shad.

Having a good insight into the specific time catfish bite during nighttime is a plus for any catfish angler who wishes to thrive in night fishing. This knowledge, coupled with the appropriate technique, can help you hit your mark.

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Best Time to Catch Catfish at Night?

There are several night fishing anglers out there. Instead of hitting the water in the day, these individuals often prefer to go hunting at night. If you are among these individuals, then you must have asked yourself, “When is the ideal time to catch cats at night?”

The best time to catch catfish at night is from around 11 pm to sometime about 3 am when the water is at a low temperature and when the cat’s preys are very active. However, this can change depending on the season and location.

Your location, the type of catfish you intend on catching, and the weather play crucial. The tides are also another critical factor.

Do Catfish Bite Better at Night?

When it comes to catfishing, there are several misconceptions flying around. One of these misconceptions is concerning the question of if cats bite better at night or not. Some anglers believe that they do, while others believe that they don’t. However, there is only one way to find out.

One cannot precisely state that catfish bite better at night because cats also bite well in the day. Cats bite whenever the condition favors them. They don’t have a certain time when they bite well or a time when they don’t. Cats generally bite in the day and at night.

During the day, cats like to hide in those underwater structures like mud, holes, and rock. While hiding, they feed when the opportunity presents itself. At night, when the water is cool, cats often migrate to shallow waters in search of food. Cats bite well in the day and night; thus, it might be misleading to state that they bite during one specific period of the day.

How do You Attract Catfish at Night?

Catfishing at night is a delightful experience. The quietness, absence of competitors or crowd, and the relaxing night breeze are some of the things that make fishing at night fun. To ensure that your night fishing endeavor is a success, you must use the right lure or bait to attract your prey.

You can attract catfish during the night period by using the right baits. Cats don’t suddenly change their feeding pattern because everywhere is dark and its night. So, the same baits you used when day fishing can be applied. These baits can be worms, crawfish, minnows, fresh chicken liver, hot dog, bacon, cheese or shrimp.

The methods used in attracting cats in the day can also be used to attract them at night. If worms attract cats in the day, they will most definitely be attracted by worms at night. So, stick with the usual bait, and all will be fine.

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