Why do Bass Have Red Lips? – Interesting Facts About These Species

Why do Bass Have Red Lips

When it comes to fishes like bass, there is often this confidence that you know it all. However, the truth remains that you can’t claim to be omniscient as far as anything in this world is concerned. So, regardless of what you know about this fish, there is still a huge conundrum out there that you are yet to unravel; thus, a room to know more. For instance, some anglers are aware that a bass has red lips, but only a few know why.

A bass red lips can be attributed to the water temperature. When the water temperature is quite cold, you’ll notice this feature in the fish. In addition, this unique feature can also be a result of the carotenoids in crawfish. This pigment smears the lips of the fish during the munching process.

Do you still think you know all about this fish? I guess not. You see, there are still lots of things you need to know about bass. Some of these details, which you aren’t privy to, can give you an edge when you hit the water in search of this fish. Remember, the best way to be successful at something is by seeking knowledge, and by reading this article, you’ll be doing that. As we progress, you’ll find out more about the unique feature of this fish.

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Why do Bass Have Red Lips?

A fish with red lips would definitely sound like a joke to any random individual, and probably novice anglers. It’s one of those things that are quite funny to imagine. In fact, your brain would mock your intelligence if you attempted to, because it is just imaginable, according to some folks. However, the fact remains that a bass has this kind of lips like some other fishes out there. But not the type a date-bound woman would apply. This is quite obvious and natural.

You see, a lot of people may be aware of the unique feature of this fish. However, only a few actually know the real reason why this fish has this kind of lips. Some perceive that it is a sign of a horrible infection, a tooth sore, or an injury, which are all wrong.

Bass has a red mouth because of the water temperature. When the water temperature drops, the mouth of a bass will turn red. Worthy of note is that this condition or feature doesn’t affect the fish’s health in any way; neither is it something that everlasting. At one point, the color of the fish’s mouth will go back to normal, and you wouldn’t know that such a weird transformation occurred.

The red or scarlet coloration on the lips may be associated with increased blood flow to areas related to sense organs. However, when you notice that their crushers are scarlet, it is a perfect indication that they are consuming crawfish. Crawfish carotenoids are culpable for the reddish coloration. As time goes on, new theories will emerge, as scientists seek to provide a proof-backed and satisfying answer to a question that has resulted in several fallacies and theories.

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What Does it Mean When a Bass Lips are Red?

Imagine a pretty lady with a lovely black slim-fitted gown, a matching white purse, and colored lips to complement…a beautiful picture, right? Indeed! Now imagine a fish, a bass, to be precise, having lips similar to the described lady. Weird, right? Well, you can definitely say that again. In as much as you may want to discard such as a joke, it’s true.

These fish boast of a scarlet mouth, and we are on the quest to reveal to you the meaning of this weird feature so that when you hit the water with your kids, you can always flaunt your in-depth knowledge by giving them the right answer when they ask.

The red mouth of a bass can mean two things, majorly. First, it is an indication of cooler water temperature. So you’ll notice such development in fishes residing in water with lower temperatures. Secondly, it is an indication that the fish has been consuming crawfish. It seems crawfish has a pigment (carotenoids) with a pinkish coloration, so when it is ingested by the fish, the fish’s mouth is smeared with this pigment.

When it comes to this conundrum, there are a plethora of answers and theories out there. However, if you have ever immersed yourself in chilly water for a period, you’ll come to understand that the cold-water theory is quite plausible. Cold water has a way of making our mouth pink. If it can make our mouth pink, then it, to some extent, should be able to make the mouth of a fish pink as well.

While you try to conjure your theory based on your experience as a professional angler, you must note that to date, there is no scientific theory as regards why this fish has pink mouth. However, the above mentioned theory remains the best so far, so until we get a scientific theory, we have no choice but to stick to that.

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Why do Bass Lips Get Red?

When you go out to fish, you tend to discover so many weird things. Sometimes, you see fishes eating each other, coming out to the surface for air, staring right at you like a mind reader, or trying to enchant you with their pink lips. Yes, you heard that right; pink lips! However, such a weird feature isn’t present in all fishes; it’s particular to bass and a few others. Individuals who notice such features in a fish tend to get amazed then inquisitive. One common question that throbs their mind is, “Why would a fish have such a feature?” Well, you are about to find out.

Bass lips get red when they consume crawfish. A crawfish has a pinkish pigment that smears the mouth of this fish during ingestion. Also, this fish’s red mouth is associated with the water temperature. If the water temperature is cooler, there is a huge chance that the bass fishes there would have this type of lips.

I know that not everyone is lucky to have seen a bass with a red mouth before. It is not like it’s a glorious view, but it is a memorable sight to behold, one that your eyes would be glad of. You see, when you see a fish in this condition, you may think it has a bleeding mouth due to the pinkish or crimson color. The spot may also look swollen and painful. However, you shouldn’t fret because the pinkish mouth is nothing more than what it is; a mere pinkish mouth. The most important thing is that you know the real reason behind the development because there are several fallacies out there.

If you are yet to have a glimpse, and you are keen to, consider fishing in cold waters; luck may shine on you, and you may end up seeing one. And oh; lest I forget. It is totally safe to eat a fish with a reddish mouth, so don’t harbor the notion that eating it may be harmful to your health. Provided you cook the fish well, there is nothing absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Contrary to what several people believe, a bass crimson mouth isn’t attributed to some illness; neither is it attributed to an injury or some kind of weird theory conjured by some self-acclaimed fishing guru. Instead, this bizarre feature is majorly attributed to its environment and a particular diet.

Just as your mouth turns pinkish when you stay in cold water for so long, it is the same way that this fish takes a pinkish coloration when it finds itself in cold water. In addition, when this fish consumes a crawfish, its mouth tends to become pinkish in the same way your mouth becomes pinkish when you ingest something with that color.

It’s not rocket science, after all. If you ponder on the above mentioned reasons, you will see that the answer to a question you felt was quite challenging to conjure is as glaring as the sky.

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