SHIMANO Metaniumu DC XG Baitcasting Reel Review

SHIMANO Metaniumu DC XG review

Today I have decided to make Shimano Metaniumu DC XG review as it seems to me like an amazing product which could make a special gift for any fishermen.

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It offers anglers lightweight and multipurpose performance of Metaniumu, has the ability to adjust the DC braking system to perfect match line type and conditions to achieve supreme casting distances, has excellent, brand new and innovative technology, has double sets dial adjustment that makes fishing easy and enjoyable.

SHIMANO Metaniumu DC XG Review:

While going on a Bass fishing trip or tournament, the most appreciating activity can only give delights to participants when it is fast and fruitful. If you have previously faced problems in the tournaments then don’t worry, with this amazing product everything will seem pretty smooth. Due to its fast functioning, it saves fisherman time and makes fishing process pleasurable. If you want to make your tour amazing and have excellent fishing experience, think about purchasing Shimano Metaniumu DC XG for errorless fishing.

The Metaniumu DC has outstanding style and features which is fundamentally the standard of success during this line of fishing planning. We will discuss the feature list in this article. If you read the features of the Metaniumu DC till the end, then you may be persuaded to assume that you simply should pay some dollars and order this amazing product.

The Shimano Metaniumu XG is incredibly light-weight, returning in at some ounces. It basically comes with a separating level wind system and has the Quick-Fire II clutch bar and drag star with ticking fine-tuning.

If you are wondering when the reel series have started and how, then the answer would be that the series of Shimano also known as “Metaniumu” started manufacturing in the 90s. The most interesting story behind the release of “Metaniumu” is that it was initiated by bass fishers. Perhaps these guys overheard the term like “Metaniumu DC” and “Metaniumu MGL” somewhere which was the bearth of Metaniumu series.

Metaniumu is a series that is right-handed for that extensive and gained great support.

If you still have questions like how it can make the fishing experience excellent, how it works, about its unique technological features, etc., lets discuss each and everything in detail under the head of the product description one by one.

SHIMANO NEW 15 Metaniumu DC XG right Japan

Product Description:

SHIMANO Metaniumu XG was created by Shimano (Japanese multination company) in 1992. Shimano is a manufacturer of different types of equipment, tackles, and components like cycling, rowing equipment and fishing tackles. Metaniumu DC XG is its most selling product at the moment.

Advanced & Technical Features:

It has the following innovative and technological features on the basis of which this product is accepted as a superior product in the world of fishing accessories.

Superlative Quality Performance for Bass Fishing Tournaments:

It provides advanced, competitive and superlative performance for the great range of bass fishing tournaments and the regular trips.

Noiseless Tune Technology:

Its fine-tune quiet or soundless technology helps matchless casting smoothness and also decreases any fractious movement in the bearings.

Easiest to Make Turnings on the Fly:

It has the brand new SVS infinity control system which provides a great range of casting turnings or adjustments. It has external cast control dial which makes it easy while turning on the fly.

Advanced Magnum Lite Spool:

The innovative and deeper Magnum lite Spool produce a very less moment of inertia. It has a great ability for easy turning and handling without exerting any extra effort.

It has excellent ability of attractive light that makes it look great.

According to the new spool brand technology, the innovative spool is upgraded by more than the increased percentage of twelve percent at the initial stage of the cast. With the help of this brand new spool technology, the anglers can get the long and reliable casting forever.

Exceptionally Lightweight:

This is one of the most selling and high demanded brands of the Shimano which is the first priority of not only professional fishermen but also of the beginners. The brand-new series of the Metaniumu DC is lightweight and easy to handle which can easily be handled by anyone. Weight of this amazing Metaniumu XG is only about 195g.

Easy to Focus on Signals From Fish:

Shimano Metaniumu DC performs great with a proper baitcasting rod which every angler should pick for his specific needs. It is so lightweight and extraordinarily smooth which allows you to easily focus on even the lightest signals from fish.

High-Quality DC Braking Technology:

SHIMANO Metaniumu offers high quality, best performance, and versatile DC braking technology which has 2 sets of dial adjustment. It has the ability to adjust the DC braking system to perfectly match the line in any situation. The supreme casting spaces can be attained with this high-quality braking system technology.

Dial Adjustment:

It has internal dial adjustment system which allows you to choose any sort of line you want to use.

Retrieve and Gear Ratio:

The retrieve measure is 91cm and the model has the standard gear ratio is 6:2:1 which is made up of fine quality aluminum. The great benefit of latest Metaniumu DC is “Micro-Module Gear designs” with micro teeth for endless contact and ultimate extra smooth functioning.

Casting Reel:

Shimano Metaniumu DC XG is one step ahead from ordinary Metaniumu DC. It has high-quality casting reel which allows anglers to adjust the sort of line with I-DC5 braking for the longest and accurate possible cast.

Engaging in a Delightful Performance:

It is performing ultimately and smoothly at every moment of handling. Micro module gearing gives the flawless arrangement and power broadcasting. There is no chance of performance loss whenever fighting in a great fishing competition.


SHIMANO Metaniumu DC XG is mostly used and is favorable for its digital control braking system. It is the most favorite product because of its mixture of two things – fishing and technology. It offers more advanced technologies like DC Casting Reel, innovative supply to free the spool form the hold during casts. It has great S3D technology that decreases spool shaking which gives flawless and consistent casting.

The excellent cast reeling system makes its performance flawless and the advanced braking system enables you to cast anything down to one-quarter of an ounce.

This is an amazing product that you must have to make your fishing trip and of course competition more successful and enjoying.

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