Red Drum Bait and Tackle – Proper Set Up

Fisherman holding red drum

Catching reds is not easy like it is with other fishes. For this reason, you will need the best red drum bait and tackle when hunting for this fish. Reds are known to be aggressive and opportunistic feeders. This means that, if you are eager to capture them, you’ll need to equip yourself with a bait and tackle capable of executing the job flawlessly.

Talking of baits, you can either make use of the live bait, dead bait, or artificial bait. A good live bait is a shrimp or mullet. You can make use of jigs or a Shimano suspending waxwing as artificial bait. A good dead bait would be cut mullet or croaker.

Below is a breakdown of the tackle you should adopt:

Fishing for reds with the right tackle is like going to war with the best military equipment; your chances of winning will definitely be high. Why most anglers fail to capture redfish is because they are sometimes ignorant of the tackle to use. If you complement your knowledge of reds with the appropriate tackle, such as the best red drum fishing line, lures, etc., you will be overwhelmed by the result.

Red Drum Bait and Tackle – Proper Set Up

Red drum can be captured with an array of tackle. However, the tackle to be used will depend on your location and the size of red you intend to catch. If you are fishing in estuaries or river mouths and you have your sight set on puppy drum, you can go for an ultra-light gear. On the other hand, if your attention is set on the big bull drum, it is best you go for one of those large conventional red drum reels for trolling baits with a heavy downrigger.

Red drum caught inshore are smaller than those captured offshore, and most times are caught in shallow waters. Tackles can size down accordingly. For inshore reds, you will need to arm yourself with an ultra-light, light, or medium-light rod. However, when you arrive at the fall around passes, you would need to scale-up your tackle to handle the bull reds; and trolling calls for heavier gear unless done at slow speed. Furthermore, you will also need to adopt one of those red drum fishing reels, one with a good drag and quality line. For offshore reds, you will need to make use of heavier tackles. Medium-heavy or heavy rods are perfect, with a large reel spooled with a minimum of 250 yds of 30-lb line.

Red drum bait

A good bait for red drum would be shrimp, mud minnows, finger mullet, and pogies (live bait). Sometimes, dead bait can be ideal. For dead bait, you can make use of any cut slab or a filet from mullet, croaker, pinfish, etc. Peeled shrimp is another good alternative.

What are the Best Lures for Red Drum?

To capture a redfish, you will need to lure it with something captivating, something it would find hard to resist. That is where a lure comes in. A fishing lure is simply an artificial bait created to draw the attention of a fish. Because reds are aggressive eaters, you will need to equip yourself with the best red drum lures if you wish to attract them. With that being said, what are the best lures for red drum?

The best red drum lures are Gold Johnson Silver Minnow, Bass Assassin Sea Shad, Rapala X-Rap, and a Redfish Magic Spinnerbait. These artificial lures are amazing because they can help you catch redfish in any fishing situation.

The majority of the redfish lures manufactured are designed to catch them in shallow water. They come with a lone hook that rides up, lessening snags. Other lures, such as jigs, will fool red drum in deeper waters. Ensure that you select a lure that suits the water you’ll be fishing in. Factors that can affect lure choice are depth, cover, structure, and current.

Catching reds for novice anglers can be difficult; however, with the right knowledge about red drums, novice anglers should have less problem catching this fish.

What is the Best Fishing Line for Red Drum?

The fishing line you use in hunting reds matters. A fishing line is simply a long thread of silk or nylon affixed to a baited hook, with sinkers or float, and used for catching fish. There are several types of fishing lines out there; however, you will need the best to be successful in your red fishing adventure. So, what is the best fishing line for red drum?

There are three major types of fishing line, the braided, monofilament, and the fluorocarbon. The best braided red drum fishing line is a 20-30Lb braid (when sight casting to redfish or fishing with lures). If you are fishing for big bull reds, go for a 40-50Lb braid. Moving to the monofilament fishing line, the best is a 12-15Lb for inshore reds and a 20-30Lb for bull reds. When fishing for reds with artificials, the best fluorocarbon fishing line to use is a 20-30Lb. If you are after bull reds, make use of a 40-50Lb fluorocarbon.

Sometimes, the line you use doesn’t really matter. As long as it boasts of a good cast and retrieves, you are good to go. The braided fishing lines are often more expensive, so carefully scrutinize your options before selecting a fishing line.

What are the Best Rods for Red Drum?

If you are eager to capture a red drum, you will need to equip yourself with the best rods. A fishing rod is simply a long and flexible rod used by anglers to capture fish. It is made of either bamboo, steel, or fiberglass. There are various types of fishing rods in the market, but you’ll need the best for an effective catch when fishing for reds. So, what are the best rods for red drum?

  • Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod
  • Cadence Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod:

Ugly Stick GX2

The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod boasts of a sturdy yet balanced graphite and fiberglass construction. This rod is quite powerful, which is why it is recommended for redfish and trout. It doesn’t cost much. You would also love the construction of this piece. The ugly stik gx2 spinning rod is easy to use. Beginners shouldn’t have a hard time trying to master this rod. Saltwater is a well-known enemy of tackles; however, when it comes to this rod, you have nothing to worry about as it can withstand most water conditions.

Cadence Vigor Spinning Rod:

Cadence Vigor Spinning Rod

The Cadence Vigor Spinning Rod is one of the best red drum fishing rods. If you are eager to capture lots of reds, you will definitely go after this piece. This rod is constructed with a 30-ton carbon graphite blank, making it strong, lightweight, and very durable. The cadence spinning rod is also constructed with premium materials for high strength and sensitivity. This rod is indeed an affordable option for beginners who are eager to go after the bull reds or other big species.

What are the Best Fishing Reels for Red Drum?

A reel is a very important component of an angler’s tackle. This fishing equipment is a cylindrical device affixed to a fishing rod used in winding and stowing lines. Because reds are aggressive in nature, you would want to utilize a fishing reel that can match their aggressiveness. There are lots of fishing reel options, but you must go for the best. Having said that, what are the best fishing reels for red drum?

There are majorly two types of reels; the baitcasting reel and the spinning reel. The best spinning reel for reds is the Penn Conflict, Penn Battle II & III. On the other hand, the best baitcasting reels for reds are the Abu Garcia Revo SX and the Shimano Curado K. The above-mentioned red drum fishing reels are for serious anglers. So consider them only if you are serious about your red drum quest.

You can’t use a baitcasting reel and a spinning reel together, so you will have to settle for one. In my opinion, a baitcasting reel is best for redfish. Why? Because it has a better casting accuracy, it has more reeling power, and it is more durable than a spinning reel. A spinning reel can develop several problems with its exposed interior. In addition, the wide line guide of a spinning reel can get caught on everything. It can also be fragile. With all that has been said, ensure that you make a wise decision when selecting between the two types of reels for your fishing adventure.

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