Pflueger President XT Casting Reel Review and Comparison


Pflueger president XT casting reel is a solid all-around bass reel that comes with a good price. With a rugged piece aluminum frame and a side handle, this casting reel can easily be referred to as anglers delight.

Pflueger President XT Casting Reel Review:

Aside from the impressive aluminum side handle, you will also find an extra aluminum handle with the soft-touch knob. This also comes with a soft-touch thumb bar release, so you should not worry about hurting your precious thumb on the line while thumbing.

With almost similar features to Shimano reel, this reel comes with an appealing nine bearing system. Its one-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing also ensures there is no handle back play.

  • Spool:

Pflueger XT casting reel has its spool made from machined, ported and anodized aluminum. This provides it with much needed durability. Aside from its light Weight design, this reel also comes with few astounding features such as an adjustable 6- pin centrifugal braking system and a highly capable multi-disc main gear applied drag system. With the above-mentioned features, you can increase the control and precision of the reel.

This reel also comes with a choice of three diverse setups. Your first choice is having a line with a capacity of 17Ibs and 100yards, that is if you utilize a standard spool. Your second choice is having a line with 14Ibs capacity and 135yards. Your third and ultimate set up is having a line with a 12Ibs capacity and 145yards.

This reel can also be utilized in salt water fishing. It is very capable and sturdy enough to handle light usage in salt water fishing conditions. Its modernized C30 carbon side plates provide extra durability and also helps lessen the weight of the reel. The externally adjustable modernized magnetic breaking system of this reel allows you to dial in the cast controls instantly as fishing conditions change.

  • Lightweight

This reel is regarded as one of the few baitcasting reel that is both lightweight and very durable. In catching fishes with this reel, you attract the fishes first either by fish spraying scent or any other effective method, then cast your pflueger reel and observe as its impressive features comes into play.

You wouldn’t purchase a try that is going to start falling apart soon after you purchase it, that is the reason why you need to pay rapt attention to the above-mentioned and to-be-mentioned facts.

There exist several baitcasting reels that you can buy, perhaps, cheaper than this one, but this reel in particular provides you with smooth and effective functionality at a very reasonable price.

If you are planning on a long fishing session, this is the right reel to use.

Baitcasting Reel


You can get this reel for around $150 which isn’t really that bad when you observe how costly other baitcasting reels are. For that price, the reel is an ideal investment for almost any angler, but particularly those with huge experience. With its impressive feature and lightweight design, one can confidently say that this reel is worth the price.


Pflueger was made in a simple and yet effective way. It was forged from graphite for durability yet lighter in weight. Below are some interesting features of this reel:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • C-lock side plate system
  • Ten bearing mechanics
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Centrifugal carbon side construction
  • C45 carbon side plate
  • Graphite body for light weight, yet durable.
  • A strong aluminum sure-click bait system which makes an audible noise to inform you that it is properly closed.
  • Double-anodized braid-ready aluminum spool
  • An anti-reverse bearing system which can be switched on and off at will.
  • A multi-disc front positioned drag system.
  • Smooth drag provides around 12Ibs of maximum drag.
  • Custom oversized rubber cork handle knobs.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum handle.
  • For extra line protection the lips of the spool are covered with titanium and has a huge diameter titanium coated line roller.
  • The sleek front haul system made with oiled felt washers and stainless steel provides its users with a perceptible drag adjustment.

The aluminum frame of the pflueger XT casting reel makes it very strong and durable, so you can expect it to last through decades of fishing trips. The C45 carbon plate fitted at its side makes it strong and lightweight, so you won’t need to bother about it feeling too bulky in your hands while you fish.

The 9-bearing system of the pflueger ensures that it operates smoothly and it is totally corrosion resistant because of the stainless-steel material it is made of.

If you are the type who enjoy fishing in the ocean, you will discover that the pflueger is the best choice because it will not corrode when exposed to salt water.

The lightweight design of this reel is one of its eye-catching features. If you want to hold your fishing pole for hours without having to drop it down, this reel what you should go for.

Comparison to Similar Products

Selecting a reel, especially a budget priced reel, always means choosing between little relatively identical options. Two reels that are widely compared with the pflueger are the Browning fishing X-bolt and the Shimano Sedona. Each of the three reels provides diverse strength and weaknesses, so observe the main difference between them meticulously before making up your mind on your preferred choice.

Pflueger VS Shimano Sedona

The Shimano Sedona and the pflueger president XT are both Budget-priced reels, designed by producers who are best known for their superior quality reels. They are almost comparable products, and most disparity of opinion concerning them comes down to individual forechoice and experience.

Some of the lucid disparity between the two reels are:

  1. Even though process change from one retailer to another, the Sedona is always around $10 to $20 more expensive than the pflueger, though it depends on the particular model you buy. However, they are both quite affordable.
  2. The pflueger had five diverse model choices, whereas that of the Sedona series contains only three.
  3. Each pflueger XT casting reel have a minimum of 6 bearings (most own 9) while each of the Sedona reels is known to have a 4-bearing system.
  4. According to anglers who have used both reels, many claim that the Sedona do last longer with less maintenance than the pflueger.
  5. The Sedona reels are just as light as the pflueger, but they are known to provide users with max drag pressure when compared to that of the pflueger.
Pflueger President XT Low Profile Reel

Pflueger President XT Casting Reel VS Browning Fishing X-Bolt

The Browning fishing X-bolt reels are known to be sold at a price quite similar to the pflueger. They are also known to have features and materials identical to the pflueger.

  1. The Browning X-bolt series reels is known to hold more lines than the pflueger baitcasting reels do.
  2. Both reels can be used for both left and right-handed anglers.
  3. The Browning X-bolt series can provide a little more drag pressure compared to the pflueger, but the differences are not much.
  4. The Browning reels have 8 bearing system while the pflueger president series have 7 or 9 bearing system.
  5. Anglers who have used the Browning series claim that it has a very impressive casting distance which enables them. cast wide.

Rating the Pflueger XT Casting Reel

If you want a quick summary of how well this reel should work for diverse circumstances, observe the rating below.

  • Value – Good
  • Durability – Fair
  • Performance – Good
  • Suitability for panfish – Good
  • Suitability for Bass – Good
  • Suitability for catfish – Fair
  • Suitability for Walleye – Fair
  • Suitability for onshore saltwater – Poor
  • Suitability for offshore saltwater – Very poor


  • Sleek rotor operation and casting.
  • Price is quite affordable.
  • Lightweight design with strong frame.
  • Excellent line management system gets rid of most line tangles and twist.


  • Not extremely durable.
  • Low max drag pressure.


Generally, the pflueger president XT casting reel is an ideal choice because of its lightweight design and sleek performance. While this reel is not best for novice anglers, it is ideal for those with lots of experience.

If you plan on going saltwater fishing or surf fishing frequently, you will surely want to consider selecting this reel above its rivals.

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