The Best Spinning Reels for Bass on Amazon – Our Top 10 Picks!

Spinning reel and rod combo

We have gone through many reels and have come up with a list of the best reels for bass. This article will provide you with all the necessary information you need before you that spinning reel you feel would work out for you.

An effective way of capturing bass is with the aid of a spinning reel. The spinning reel is quite easy to use and master, it can also be used for diverse types of fishing. If you wish to have a good fishing experience, then it is best you go for the best reel for bass. Finding the best spinning reel is all about comparing important features like the gear ratio and stool capacity include its size and drag system. Making conclusions on that which is idea for you isn’t an easy task that is why we came up with this article.

There are several spinning reels for bass out there, and for you to know that which is best for you, it is either you are a professional bass angler or you read articles( like this) a lot. What is the point of buying a spinning reel if it doesn’t serve its purpose effectively? What is the point of purchasing a bass reel that can’t catch you bass? In going for any product whatsoever, it is best you go for the best so you have the best value for your money.

In this article, you have 10 of the best spinning reels for bass; these reels boast of features that make them the best bass catchers. If you want to go out there on bass hunting and return successful, then you need one of the spinning reels mentioned above!

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The Best Spinning Reels for Bass on Amazon – Our Top 10 Picks:

1. KastKing Sharky III 58$ Navigate
2. Daiwa Black Widow Baitrunner N/A Navigate
3. PENN Slammer III Spinning 180$ Navigate
4. Shimano Baitrunner ST N/A Navigate
5. ANGLER DREAM Bumblebee 43$ Navigate
6. Penn Battle II 116$ Navigate
7. Penn Conflict II 162$ Navigate
8. Penn Clash 138$ Navigate
9. Shimano Stradic Ci4 229$ Navigate
10. Cadence CS7 Spinning Reel 78$ Navigate
KastKing Sharky III

KastKing Sharky III

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This unit may not be as popular as other brands of spinning reels but it is well-equipped with some of the best features you can find in a good spinning reel. The Kast King Sharky III is for anglers who cherish the comfort of a gliding reel seat that also comes with the security of a coaster. Unlike other spinning reel which tends to breakdown after few usage, this spinning reel has one of the best durability; this means that you can enjoy the services of this device for a very long time.

Another unique feature of the Kast King Sharky III is its heat resistance. There aren’t much spinning reels out there that can resist heat like this spinning reel. When going for a spinning reel, you will likely opt for one that comes with the best versatility; that is, one that can be used in different types of fishing. This spinning reel is versatile, it can be utilized in the river, lake, pond, pier, beach, shore, etc. As an angler, you can use this spinning reel for sea fishing, carp fishing, pike fishing, bass fishing, and match fishing.


  • Ball bearing: 10+1
  • Drag power range: 15-18 kg
  • Weight range: 260-299g
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1
  • Bait type: fake bait


  • Water resistant
  • Heat resistant


  • Not ideal for beginners
Daiwa Black Widow Baitrunner

Daiwa Black Widow Baitrunner

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This unit is an awesome spinning reel which will catch the attention of your fellow anglers once you become the owner of one. If peradventure, you are a traditionalist who cherishes a spinning reel that offers an entrance drag coupled with a convenient free spool method, then this spinning reel was made just for you.

The Daiwa black widow is equipped with the patented “Air Ball” method made from strong, corrosion resistant tubular stainless metal which ensures that it is safe from corrosion. The air ball’s structure comes with no protrusions and can be operated without any difficulty. Irrespective of its cost, this spinning reel is indeed a beauty to behold, with a smooth black appearance that will compliment any rod you tend to use with it, especially if it is the black widow rod range.


  • AirBail
  • BR clutch system
  • Front drag
  • Twist buster
  • Tender grip knob
  • Aluminum engine plate
  • Anodized aluminum spool


  • Isn’t prone to corrosion
  • Strong and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Nice and smooth


  • Isn’t versatile
Penn Slammer III

PENN Slammer III Spinning

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This spinning reel comes with a durable but slick graphite structure with graphite side plates. The PENN Slammer is made with a long stroke aluminum spool; this provides every cast with the necessary boost to go far, without having any effect on the presentation and line lay.

Equipped with HT-100 carbon drag washers, this amazing spinning reel provides anglers with the best performance and overall fishing experience. It also comes with a dual line clip including line capacity which makes marking up your wrap an easy process. This reel also offers its users a professional performance edge.


  • Line capacity rings
  • Two line clips
  • Manual bail arm
  • Lightweight graphite frame and side plates
  • Rotor brake
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers


  • Saltwater resistant


  • Newbies may find this reel hard to use
  • Little bit heavy
Shimano Baitrunner ST

Shimano Baitrunner ST

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This amazing reel comes in two sizes: 6000 and 10000. The 6000 and 10000 models of this spinning reel is regarded as one of the biggest selling reels in the market. Aside from the fact that this reel is equipped with the popular baitrunner technology, there are still more thrilling feature to look forward to In this reel. Operating this spinning reel is quite easy, you need not be a rocket scientist to use this device. If you are a novice angler or a professional angler, you shouldn’t have any difficulty operating this reel.

This reel is made of a material that provides it with a rigid and robust structure which act as a protection to all internal components present in this reel. The 6000 and 10000 models of this reel comes with a lightweight spool which offers this unit balance irrespective of the type of carp rod you decide to use them with. It may sound surprising or weird, but this reel also has a lip which is known to stop wind knots during casting, particularly in situations when you choose to make use of a braided line. It also assist with precision and reduces the twisting of lines.


  • Dyna-Balance
  • Power Roller
  • Diecast gear
  • Cap Bail
  • Super Stopper II
  • Dual handle


  • Smooth to use and reliable
  • Excellent construction and performance
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat large
  • Doesn’t come with a spare spools


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The angler dream bumblebee spinning reel is an awesome reel that is made from double colir oxidation aluminum. If you are on the lookout for a strong and durable spinning reel, then this amazing reel is made just for you. This reel is durable because it has a protective cover around its body to ensure that it doesn’t wear out easily. The angler dream bumblebee is quite easy to use and it is definitely the dream of every angler to wield a reel as magnificent as this beautiful piece.

This reel is equipped with a ceramic ball roller which ensures that fishes captured aren’t hurt in anyway. The shaft and gear of this baby is made of pure stainless steel; this provides it with a smooth feel, it also makes it less prone to corrosion which is one of the greatest enemies of fishing reels.


  • High strength specifically made for saltwater sea fishing reels
  • Has a thread interchangeable CNC handle with soft EVA knob for saltwater fishing
  • Two color Oxidation Aluminum alloy spinning fishing reel


  • Performs well
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing
  • Good body structure
  • Slick and durable


  • Handle isn’t really firm

Penn Battle II

Penn Battle II

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When it boils down to inshore fishing, there are several anglers out there who are quite conversant with the Pen battle II spinning reel. Over the years, Penn has created several thrilling and popular fishing reels, and this unit is one of the most cherished amongst anglers. The penn battle II spinning reel can be obtained in several sizes ranging from light 1000 to the much bigger 8000. This reel was designed to fish for bass, trout, Barracudas, etc. If you are on the lookout for a reel that comes with the best performance and one that is capable of offering you the best value for your money, then this reel is what you should go for.

The penn battle II reel was designed to have a workmanlike structure and they are equipped with tender knobs which makes handling it quite easy. They are known to be the cheapest of all the reels produced by penn to have the HT-100 drag system. The 3000 and 4000 sized reels comes with the anti-reverse feature.


  • Strong, high-range spinning reel capable of catching big saltwater gamefish
  • Has a complete metal body, sideplate, and rotor, including a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire to provide it with superior durability
  • HT-100 carbon drag system
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing including fluid cranking with 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearing.


  • It provides users with more support while handling bulky loads
  • The line doesn’t slide easily due to its rubber lining
  • It Is designed to last longer than the normal fishing lines
  • It has an instant anti-reverse feature which helps when struggling with stubborn fishes
  • It is equipped with a soft-touch knob which makes it very easy to handle


  • The 5000-8000 versions are very heavy
  • Rough retrievals
  • Drag can be stuck after some period of use
Penn Conflict II

Penn Conflict II

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Just like the penn battle II, this spinning reel comes in a heavy-duty, fully metal armored body structure and has an appealing cosmetics, coupled with a soft, smooth, HT-100 versa drag system for the best performance. This amazing reel has a complete metal body which makes it very durable and ensures that the reel maintains precision gear alignment under heavy loads. Designed with a Techno-Balanced rotor, you are sure to make easy retrieves with this unit. The Penn Conflict II also has a 5+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings which improves the smooth performance of this device.

This reel also comes with a superline spool and slow oscillation system which ensures that long castings are made with the best precision. With an instant anti-reverse bearing, heavy-duty aluminum ball wire, and line capacity rings which helps you determine how much line is remaining, this reel boast of some amazing features that every angler would be thrilled of.The Penn is corrosion resistant thanks to the amazing paint job that helps in protecting it against sprays and chemicals. Anglers complained that the previous penn versions were often damaged by spray and chemicals, this got to penn’s attention and they handled the issue by improving the painting of the new penn versions.


  • Has an HT-100 versa drag system
  • Consist of a heavy-duty aluminum ball wire
  • Oscillation is slow
  • Liveliner function
  • Superline spool
  • Line capacity ring
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing


  • One of the best for onshore and offshore fishing
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Enhanced drag pressure


  • It is a bit heavy

Penn Clash

Penn Clash

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Over the years, the PENN Fishing tackle company has been producing quality reels since inception. This company produces saltwater and fresh water reels that boast of amazing features which makes fishing fun. This spinning reel is available in about seven versions. Just like most reels out there, the penn clash models ranges from smaller to larger reels utilized for diverse fishing operations.

Probably, the only problem that is associated with these versions of Penn spinning reel is that they are quite bulky. Aside from that, they have models that are effective in most fishing applications. This reel is very attractive, its black gloss and matte body complimented with gold accents makes it one of the visually attractive spinning reels in the Penn’s collection. The whole reel may seem very heavy, but that is simply because this device was designed to have the structure or the form of a tank. While PENN has its location in America, these reels are manufactured in China.

One of the amazing feature of this awesome reel is its body. The Penn clash features an all-metal body, an aluminum spool, side plates, including handle. The larger versions of this reel is equipped with an aluminum rotor while the smaller models like the 2000-4000 comes with a carbon graphite rotor. This amazing design makes the Penn clash spinning reel very durable and makes it flex resistant when subjected to pressure by struggling fishes.


  • Provides durability, smoothness, and precision to its users
  • It is equipped with an HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers including wave spring that provides smooth drag and doesn’t bottom out.
  • Durable form, complete metal structure, including a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire


  • Has a rugged metallic frame, spool, bail, and handle.
  • Comes with two anti-reverse systems
  • Has an even oscillation system
  • Comes with a sealed drag system
  • Encompasses many fishing application
  • Has an impressive over sized grip knob on handle


  • No ultralight model
  • Its drag wears down at a rapid rate
  • Some parts of this unit are prone to saltwater
  • Casting prowess is at average
Shimano Stradic Ci4

Shimano Stradic Ci4

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One amazing feature of this spinning reel is that it is lightweight, unlike Penn spinning reels. The Shimano stradic isn’t only lightweight, it also has a smooth feel and it boast of an amazing drag power. If you are an angler and you enjoy using artificial lures, you will definitely find this spinning reel helpful. Also, because of the lightweight nature of this spinning reel, it tends to float when set up on several fishing rods; this ensures that it recovers quickly when it falls into the water.

Another amazing feature of this spinning reel can be seen in its Magnumlite rotor which is 25 % lighter than other designs. Because this reel boast of better balance, you don’t face any difficulty when you want to start and stop your retrieve; this denotes that little inertia is needed. In this version, the center of the mass was moved to a region near the rod so that it balances well in your hand. This simply denotes that with this reel, you can combat stubborn fishes better. This reel is also water resistant, so you have no fear regarding it being prone to corrosion.


  • Magnumilite rotor
  • G-free body design
  • Rigid C14+carbon body
  • 7-bearing system
  • X-Ship pinion gear
  • Super stopper II anti-reverse ball bearings


  • Water resistant
  • Cold-forged aluminum spool
  • Lightweight design
  • Very smooth


  • Very expensive
  • Comes with a small anti-reverse switch
Cadence CS7 Spinning Reel

Cadence CS7 Spinning Reel

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This spinning reel is rammed with several thrilling features. This reel, irrespective of its quality isn’t that expensive, with just over 60$, you can make this baby yours. The candence has an aluminum body which ensures that it remains strong and durable. It is also equipped with 9+1 ball bearings for the best retrieve and an excellent carbon drag mechanism.

The Candence fishing CS7 also has two machined aluminum spool, one of the spools is deep and the other is a shallow match spool. These aluminum spools ensures that your line doesn’t slip during that crucial moment. This unit was designed using durable materials for optimum strength and durability.

Because this reel was created using topnotch materials coupled with fact that it comes in several sizes, one can confidently say that the candence fishing CS7 match reel is one of the best spinning reel out there. If you are a lover of gamefishing or you love going after fishes such as bass, walleye, trout, and common offshore fishes such as redfish, speckled trout, then this baby was made for you!


  • 9+1 bearing
  • Has an aluminum structure
  • Oversized and user-friendly EVA handle
  • Has a steel primary shaft including a brass pinion gear
  • Equipped with a carbon fibre drag system



  • Amazing build
  • Quality spinning reel at an affordable price
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight


  • Makes rubbing sound when cranked
Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for All

Most anglers out there are quite conversant with the three types of bass: largemouth, smallmouth, including the rock bass. In capturing a bass, you have to be fully equipped. Spinning reels for bass is the most effective tackle to use in capturing these aggressive beasts. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to provide you with effective bass fishing tips and techniques that would enable you catch these amazing species with ease.

Introduction to Bass Species:

Bass is a very popular fish species. In North America and other parts of the world, bass fishes are regarded as the most sought after gamefish. If you are an angler, be it a professional angler or a novice, and you are yet to experience the feeling of going after this species of fish, then you are missing out on one of the thrilling aspects of fishing.

Bass fishes are mainly known by their aggressive nature, and this makes them fun to catch. These fishes offer one of the best fights in the game. They can jump out of the water like a propelled cannon and will definitely make your drag screech (scream). Bass fishes can provide you with those exceptional thrills and spills that make you want to return and hunt for them over and over again. This species of fish comes in different types of sizes, and capturing a trophy bass can be an exceptional experience.

Bass are aggressive species of fishes, but they also taste great in that pot of stew or whichever way you choose to prepare them. If you have the right knowledge about this fish, including the necessary tips and techniques used in capturing bass, you will certainly experience a breakthrough in bass fishing. In capturing bass, you don’t have to spend your money purchasing expensive tackles, all you need is the right tackles for this species of fish, and you are good to go.

A bass rod, a good lure or bait, a spinning reel made specifically for bass, a good fish finder equipped with GPS are the basic tackles you need to capture bass. Bass are known to be stubborn and would react aggressively when provoked. If your lure gets anywhere a bass fish, they will attack ferociously. Before we visit the crux of this guide, why don’t we delve into a little background information first?

Bass Fishing:

The contemporary bass fishing sector is a market that is swimming in billions of dollars. This industry is well-known amongst anglers. Black bass resides in lakes, creeks, reservoirs, rivers, ponds and roadside ditches.

Any angler who wants to be successful in capturing this species of fishes must be careful not to smear their bait with strange scent. This is because bass are quite sensitive to smell, and they also have good vision. Bass is pretty good at biting on the fish hook, putting up resistance, fighting fiercely, and jumping out of the water when captured on the fishing line.

Background Information on Bass

The Background Information on Bass:

The freshwater bass we talk about is all associated with the black bass family. They are identical but still have little differences. These fish species are regarded as the most common game fish in North America, and it is for a good purpose. Bass are good fighters, and this has made them quite popular. You can find bass in still and moving waters in the whole of North America.

Another feature of bass is that they are coldblooded; this denotes that their urge to eat is controlled by the water temperature. At an increased temperature, bass are stimulated and aggressive. They always move together and are referred to as schooling fish.

Such information is quite important for anglers who aim to catch many basses. Since bass moves together, the presence of one bass denotes the presence of more. So, if your fishfinder with GPS detects a bass fish in the area, get ready, there are more lurking around.

By nature, this species of fish are carnivorous (consume flesh) and they will attack anything that looks like food if the opportunity presents itself. Bass are stealthy hunters who love to stay in rocky areas and wait patiently for their prey to come in striking distance.

Difference between Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass:

There isn’t much difference between these two types of bass. The only glaring difference is in their appearance. Smallmouth bass has a small mouth that is why it goes by the name “smallmouth bass.” While a largemouth bass has a jawline that will stretch past its eye, making it very easy to indicate.

Aside from the glaring difference that exists between these types of bass, there are also little less obvious differences between the two. The smallmouth bass and the largemouth bass can both grow to be around 5 lbs., but generally, the largemouth bass is often bigger than the smallmouth.

Largemouth bass can be found in waters such as ponds as oppose to the smallmouth who like hanging out in moving waters. This is an important point for anglers. If you are in search of smallmouth bass, try to locate areas such as a rock bed. Smallmouth bass can be captured in areas such as a rock bed that has a current capable of directing baitfish and prey towards the bass. While if you are in search of the bigger bass (which is the large bass) look for still water that has little current.

smallmouth bass

Where to search for Smallmouth and Largemouth bass

So, you can now differentiate between smallmouth and largemouth bass, but where can you find them? Of course, in the previous section, we talked about this a bit, but here, we aim to go in-depth.

Generally, the smallmouth bass prefers to take refuge in colder waters, and are quite prevalent in Northern waters such as Lake Erie. The largemouth bass, on the other hand, prefers hanging around warmer areas and they are most common in lakes such as Okeechobee.

Can this two type of bass share the same habitat? Certainly! However, they won’t always be seen hanging around in the same part of the lake or river. Below are few tips on where to look for this fish.

The habitat of largemouth:

This type of bass is in love with covers. If you are in search of this type of bass, the best places you should consider are rocks, weed beds, brush piles, grasses, etc. Bass can also hold whatever they are eating in these covers. Because largemouth bass prefers hiding in covers, finding them is quite easy. In a situation where the water is murky, all you have to do is to locate the cover they are hiding in, and you will definitely locate them. They certainly don’t like being seen.

In rivers, Largemouth bass always tries as much as they can to steer clear of strong currents. As lazy hunters, they often hang around areas with weak currents while keeping an eye out for prey. The smallmouth bass likes searching for their prey around covers, especially deep, rocky structures. Smallies are not quite as aggressive as the largemouth, but if need be, they will chase a baitfish out in open water. Unlike the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass don’t often hide behind covers so spotting them is quite easy.

When to fish for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass?

When you fish for these species of fish depends on the area where you choose to fish. All water body has its peak season based on several factors such as vegetation, climate, depth, etc. There are some rules you will have to remember when fishing, though.

When do you fish for Largemouth Bass?

During summer, largemouth can be found in shallow bays and creeks. These fishes like to stay in areas that are crammed with good covers and access to structures. Since these structures include dock stumps and bridge pilings, summer is the ideal period to hunt for these fishes.

There are several professional anglers who opined that cloudy, drizzly days are often the best time to fish for largemouth bass. For other anglers, the wind will tell the appropriate time to fish for largemouth bass. A little breeze is ok, but anything big enough to cause a huge disturbance will make them unstable. This makes it quite difficult to track them.

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