Abu Garcia REVO MGXTREME 2 Casting Reel Review

Abu Garcia Casting Reel

Today I would like make a review on one of the lightest baitcast reel available on the market – Abu Garcia REVO MGXTREME 2 Casting Reel.

Abu Garcia REVO MGXTREME 2 Casting Reel Review

With so many different reels available on the market our days, it can be a big challenge to pick the right one for yourself. Spincast reels, baitcasting reels, spinning reels, surf fishing reels, offshore reels, conventional/trolling reels, fly fishing reels, centerpin reels – all these are just the types of reels that you can choose from, which have hundreds of different variations. If you have a clear mind on the type of reel that you want, I would recommend doing a small research and buying the best fit for yourself. If baitcast reel is what you want, spend a couple of minutes and read this article about very efficient and overall, fantastic reel!

Abu Garcia have redone all of their MGX family reels back in 2016, which was a birth of MGX2 low profile baitcast reel. The reel itself is super lightweight in hand and weights only four and a half ounces. It has all the performance upgrades you would expect:

  • superlight concept spool
  • super-fast 8.0.1 gear ratio makes it great for flipping and skipping docks
  • smooth casting
  • hybrid ceramic bearing system that improves the ability to cast
  • IVC V centrifugal breaking system that makes it extremely adjustable and allows you to throw ultra-light baits all the way through the bait range
  • round Portuguese cork handle which creates a grip that almost sticks to your hand

If paired with the proper rod, St. Croix Rod Premier Casting Rod for example, you will end up with super light combo, which is just perfect for Bass fishing. The two together are ultra-lightweight and super easy to pitch, flip or cast far. As soon as you will set it up for your lure weight and casting style, throwing lures a long way might actually shock you as it works so smooth!

Overall, this is a great reel that every serious fisherman should have in his arsenal!

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